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Microsoft tuperware party, make your own party or and Itunes party

Microsoft House tuperware party?  is it a public relations disaster or a video marketing triumph?

If you create something so bad that it goes viral, That's the question that journalists and bloggers are asking after watching HostingYourParty, which tells you how to host a Microsoft Windows 7 House Party.

Microsoft is putting a Tupperware-style twist on the upcoming Windows 7 rollout -- launching a new initiative to encourage thousands of employees, partners and technology enthusiasts to throw parties in their homes and communities to demonstrate and help spread the word about its new operating system.

People accepted as official launch party hosts will get their own copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, and a chance to win a computer. But unlike the Tupperware model, there will be no literal selling. These parties are more about generating word-of-mouth buzz.

If you create something so bad that it goes viral, is it a public relations disaster or a video marketing triumph? That's the question that journalists and bloggers are asking after watching HostingYourParty, which tells you how to host a Microsoft Windows 7 House Party. Microsoft is putting a Tupperware-style twist on the upcoming Windows 7 rollout -- launching a new initiative to encourage thousands of employees, partners and technology enthusiasts to throw parties in their homes and communities to demonstrate and help spread the word about its new operating system. People accepted as official launch party hosts will get their own copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, and a chance to win a computer. But unlike the Tupperware model, there will be no literal selling. These parties are more about generating word-of-mouth buzz.

Is this something you'd do if you were hoping for a video marketing triumph?  see and comment

and if we made a IPOD party ? sound better?
Alert: Microsoft Security Essentials SEO Poisoning

Malware authors have used Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to mix rogue search results in with legitimate results. For example, one of the rogue links is directly under a MSDN blog entry discussing Microsoft Security Essentials. The rogue redirects are hosted on compromised Web sites, including a Canadian publisher's Web site and the British Travel Health Association.

When a user browses to the compromised Web sites, so long as they have been referred by a search engine, they are redirected to malicious Web sites with domain names such as computer-scanner21 and computervirusscanner31.

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Copying Content

We have had our website up for many years now and it is a niche website. Before no one was really interested in our topic, but now it is becoming more popular, some big websites are copying changing a few words and reposting as their own.

Now in many ways it doesnt worry us because we ahve a lot more information and rank No. 1 for our search terms. This has been for many years.

Should we be worried about duplicate content? Will we be penalised for it? I have read that Google is able to use it's algorythim to see this, does this mean they will be penalised? We don't mind competition as it helps us too, stops us from being lazy

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Connections Solutions for Small Business

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The Best and Worst of Microsoft SharePoint application

Microsoft® SharePoint® Features:
The Best & The Worst
Expert and Rackspace Hosting go-to-guy for SharePoint, Jeff DeVerter, sheds light on the important things businesses need to think about to successfully deploy this complex application and infrastructure.
Article & Video Highlights
The features and capabilities that make SharePoint both a powerful force and a confusing application
Working with a SharePoint professional to identify specific pain points
Creating a definition of success that SharePoint can help target
Helpful SharePoint usage links
Read Jeff's SharePoint Article
Watch Jeff's SharePoint Videos
Click Here to Watch Rackspace SharePoint Architect, Jeff DeVerter, Talk Through the Best and the Worst of Microsoft SharePoint
Click Here to Watch Rackspace Solution Engineer, Paul Croteau, Talk Through Some of the Technical Considerations for Rich Media Projects Behind the Curtain of a Successful Rich Media Project
By: Paul Croteau - Rackspace Solutions Engineer

Read Paul's Rich Media Article & Watch His Videos


data protection strategies for your enterprise

High Performance Data Protection: Forrester Reports
Oct 8, 2009
2:00 p.m. Eastern / 11:00 a.m. Pacific
Duration: 60 Minutes

You need to be prepared for every contingency and meet your service-level agreements. You need to deal with ever increasing data - amid ever decreasing resources to handle it. And you need to do this all with an IT budget that just ain't what it used to be. What you need most are the cost-cutting ways we can show you that reconcile these conflicting requirements for your enterprise.

Join us at this timely eSeminar and discover:
  • New data protection strategies for your enterprise
  • Best practices for business continuity
  • How WAN optimization changes the game
  • How to get better coverage, faster throughput, and cut your costs at the same time
You'll hear the hottest industry research and expert advice on how you can work DR miracles in your organization. Also, bring your real-world puzzlers to get answered in a live Q&A.


paid inclusion vs paid links Flash Google Analytics Question

Flash, Progressive Enhancement and Google

While this may be an ancient topic exhausted ages ago, I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask a couple of "what is right with google" questions.

My interest is devoted to the issues to be associated with SEO for Flash. The most viable practice here as of now seems to be progressive enhancement, which is basically providing an HTML version of the SWF content for search engines and/or people with Flash disabled in their browsers. So far, so good. However, the question that arises is what would make Google dismiss cloaking (or is it duplicate content?) suspicions in this regard.

As per the guidelines, Google suggests the following

Some examples of cloaking include:

* Serving a page of HTML text to search engines, while showing a page of images or Flash to users.
* Serving different content to search engines than to users.


If your site contains elements that aren't crawlable by search engines (such as rich media files other than Flash, JavaScript, or images), you shouldn't provide cloaked content to search engines.

I guess the cloaking concerns (or duplicate content concerns for that matter too) are pretty much safe to be dismissed since providing alternative content has become a proven technique, but here's a question: what exactly makes this case different?

paid inclusion vs paid links

There is something that I never really understood and with all the hype over paid links in java scripts I thought I would bring it up hoping that someone would shed some light on it for me.

What is the difference between paid inclusion and paid links?

Most of the directories that Google loves are all paid inclusion. Is this not a paid link? I know the wording of "you may or may not be included" helps, but if I put that on my site and sell links would it help me? For some reason I do not think so. So how does one get to the point of selling links is a good thing in the eyes of Google? Or is it ok only for directories and not for regular sites.

Most paid directories state right on their site that inclusion will help in search results as a reason one should pay them to get included. Isn't this the same reason why Google does not like paid links?

Robots.txt an open window?

I use robots.txt to identify what I don't want on the search engines. But it struck me after an increase in hack attempts that maybe all that robots.txt was doing was telling the hackers where I didn't want them to go and therefore where they might want to go!

I've ditched robots.txt and just made sure any pages I want off search engine listings have no inbound links from public pages.

Maybe I'm paranoid!

Double Google Analytics Question - Stump time

I've got a question, trying to figure out how much information will be shared.

I have signed-up with a company that produces a catalog that will be displayed on an inline-frame on my site (it can also be displayed by itself).

That company hosts the catalog on their servers and they allow each user to place their own Google Analytics code in the catalog, ... and they also have place THEIR OWN Google Analytics code and account number in the footer of each page.

So my question is, what information will show on their Analytics account from their code? Will it only be what's on that internal .html document that I will display on my inline frame, or will Analytics reach beyond that and show results from the overall .html file plus the iframe?

Secondly, is this a violation of the Google Analytics TOS for them? Either having two analytics codes (again, 95% of the customers that use this catalog system have no clue they are doing this) or another reason? I'm not terribly interested in their having too much of my data mind you.


key metrics and ROI planning and implementation

Learn how Dell IT uses Virtualization & saved $29M
Oct 13, 2009
12:00 p.m. Eastern/ 9:00 a.m. Pacific
Duration: 60 Minutes

Your benefits of virtualization can expand beyond server consolidation. A flexible, scalable infrastructure based on open standards can be achieved through thoughtful planning and implementation. But how do you get the specific real-world information needed to proceed in your organization?

Join us for this interactive Webcast where you'll hear from those who have successfully completed a virtualization project. You'll gain the insight you need to make the best decisions and achieve the highest level of success in your organization.

We'll discuss the finer details, including how key metrics and ROI are achieved, and how the environment performs for the organization. Bring your own questions and we'll answer them in this important Webinar where you'll also learn how to drastically cut deployment time and gain huge savings for your organization.

Matt Brooks
Senior Enterprise Architect
Dell IT
Aaron Goldberg
VP, Market Experts Group
Ziff Davis Enterprise

How Can I Sell Online Using eCommerce Shopping Cart

Interspire Insider Monthly
by Mitchell Harper, Interspire Co-Founder - 29th September 2009


Mitchell Harper Hi everyone. Welcome to the October 2009 issue of our newsletter - it's a few days early but we've got some exciting new to share with you.

If you've visited our website in the last few days I'm sure you've seen the banners for BigCommerce, our new hosted ecommerce offering which is of course powered by Interspire Shopping Cart.

BigCommerce makes it possible for anyone to launch a beautiful online store in just a few minutes - simply signup for a 15 day free trial, pick a store design, choose your shipping and billing preferences, add your products and you've got a store live ready to accept orders!

There's nothing to install, no hosting to buy, no servers to setup, no backups to worry about and no upgrades to install. We take care of everything so you can focus on growing your business with BigCommerce.

So why did we launch a hosted eCommerce solution and how can it help you? I'm going to answer these questions and more in this issue of Interspire Insider Monthly. I'll show you why we're so excited about BigCommerce and why thousands of stores have been launched since it went live. If you have questions I'll provide you with our contact details so you can get in touch too.

Thanks in advance and we'd love to hear what you think about BigCommerce.


Mitch & Eddie

Interspire Co-Founders

Table of Contents

  1. What is BigCommerce?
  2. How Can I Sell Online Using BigCommerce?
  3. Why We Created BigCommerce
  4. How Does it Differ From Interspire Shopping Cart?
  5. What are the Plans for Development Moving Forward?
  6. How Can I Benefit From BigCommerce as a Partner?
  7. How Can I Make Money From BigCommerce as an Affiliate?
  8. Who Can Answer My Questions About BigCommerce?

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a hosted, fully managed ecommerce platform which includes everything you need to sell your products online. We take care of all the "tech stuff" so you can fous on growing your business. We make sure your online store is always up and running, we push new features to your store as soon as they're ready to go and we're just a phone call away if you have any questions.

There's nothing to install, no hosting to buy, no servers to setup, no backups to worry about and no upgrades to install. We take care of everything so you can focus on growing your business with BigCommerce.

How Can I Sell Online Using BigCommerce?

It's extremely easy to sell your products online using BigCommerce!

Start by signing up for a 15 day free trial (no credit card required) so you can experience everything BigCommerce has to offer. The free trial is fully functional and the BigCommerce support portal includes a user guide and step-by-step training videos if you get stuck.

After you've signed up for your free trial store, our store launch checklist helps you get everything in place to launch your online store. That's really all there is to it. You don't need any technical skills and we're just a phone call (1-888-699-8911) or email (sales@bigcommerce.com) away if you need help or have questions.

Why We Created BigCommerce

We of course created BigCommerce based on feedback from customers like you. All too often we were receiving emails and calls from business owners and partners in the market for ecommerce software who didn't want to host it themselves for whatever reason.

It started off as just a few requests a day and over the period of a few months grew to dozens and even hundreds of requests a week. Some customers and people visiting the Interspire.com website were telling us they loved our software but that they weren't comfortable finding hosting, installing software, handling upgrades, etc, so that's when we decided to do something about it.

After deciding on the architecture, setting up the hosting infrastructure and hiring a team of eCommerce superstars we launched a limited beta release of BigCommerce in June of this year. We used the 2 month beta period to collect feedback from early users and iron out any issues we found and as they say, the rest is history.

Click here to go to the BigCommerce website

How Does it Differ From Interspire Shopping Cart?

BigCommerce is a hosted, fully managed SaaS (software as a service) eCommerce platform which requires absolutely no technical knowledge to use. You simply go to th BigCommerce.com website, sign up and your store is created for you automatically. It's similar to how you might use Gmail or SalesForce.

With BigCommerce you have full access to modify the look and layout of your online store using Drag & Drop Design mode, the QuickEdit online file editor or FTP to modify HTML/CSS files. BigCommerce includes a full "pull" API to get data such as orders, products and customers out of your online store, however the PHP code isn't available for customization.

When we release new features they're automatically pushed to your store and don't affect any template customizations you've made. All BigCommerce customers also receive free phone and ticket-based support.

BigCommerce operates as a month-to-month subscription with plans starting from just $24.95 per month. There are no contracts to sign and you can cancel at any time. We even offer a 15 day free trial so you take it for a test drive to see if it fits the bill.

To sum it all up, we take care of all the "tech stuff" so you can focus on growing your business. We make sure your online store is always up and running, we push new features to your store as soon as they're ready to go and we're just a phone call away if you have any questions.

Click here to go to the BigCommerce website

What are the Plans for Development Moving Forward?

Both Interspire Shopping Cart and BigCommerce will continue to be developed in parallel with the exact same featureset, so no matter which product you choose, we'll help you stay competitive when it comes to selling online.

Due to the nature of SaaS software (including a controlled platform and automatic upgrades), new features will be pushed to all BigCommerce stores as soon as they're released, which is generally every 6-8 weeks. Interspire Shopping Cart will continue its current release cycle which includes 2-3 major upgrades per year. Both products will have the exact same features, but they will be available through BigCommerce first.

Because we have to support hundreds of server configurations for Interspire Shopping Cart, it takes longer to develop and tweak certain features to run on these platforms. We don't have to do this extra development for features on BigCommerce because all of the servers run an identical configuration, thus meaning a faster time-to-market.

Click here to go to the BigCommerce website

How Can I Benefit From BigCommerce as a Partner?

If you'd like to grow the eCommerce consulting and customization side of your business without having to worry about managing servers, hosting, backups and ugrades, then you should consider the BigCommerce partner program.

BigCommerce has all of the features your customers demand, including a full ecommerce platform, built-in marketing tools, search engine optimized online store, business intelligence reports, easy customization and more. We take care of the hosting, backups, upgrades and security so you can focus on turning out more stores in less time.

Just like our Interspire partner program, we offer excellent incentives for BigCommerce partners. There are two partner levels for BigCommerce - authorized and certified. BigCommerce certified partners receive qualified leads and all partners recurring 25% monthly commission on referrals. You can learn more about the BigCommerce partner program if you're interested.

How Can I Make Money From BigCommerce as an Affiliate?

Just like our valued partner network, we wanted to give you the opportunity to make significant commission on BigCommerce. We've spent weeks crafting professional banner ads, web pages and email campaigns which you can use to drive people to BigCommerce - and of course make excellent upfront or recurring commissions in the process.

The BigCommerce affiliate programs were designed from the ground up to generously reward affiliates for promoting BigCommerce. We offer two affiliate programs - the upfront bounty program which pays up to $300 per sale and the recurring commission program which pays 25% ongoing monthly commission. You can learn more about the BigCommerce affiliate programs if you're interested.

Who Can Answer My Questions About BigCommerce?

Our team of BigCommerce experts will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Just send an email to sales@bigcommerce.com or give us a call on 1-888-699-8911 between 9am and 6pm CDT Monday to Friday. You can also find answers to common questions, watch the video tour and start your 15 day free trial at BigCommerce.com.

Need an Organization Wide Enterprise Strategy

Enterprise 2.0 Conference :: June 22-25, 2009 Boston


Free! Learn the What, Why and How of Enterprise 2.0. Whitepaper

What is E2?
why attend?
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Does this sound familiar?

You and your team can't successfully execute on a critical project because of existing processes and infrastructure. You know that 2.0 technologies can break through this type of bottleneck and allow you to achieve your goals and align efforts, but you need an organization-wide strategy.

Register today and join colleagues facing similar challenges and for a half-day pre-conference tutorial that will provide you with real world problem solving to successfully tackle key issues around relevance and context, scale, road map creation, budgeting, roll out, adoption tactics and more.

Selling the Case for Accelerating Business Performance with Enterprise Collaboration and 2.0 Technologies
Monday, November 2
8:45 am ? 12:00 pm

Oliver Marks
Oliver Marks
ZDNet Blogger and Enterprise Collaboration Consultant, Oliver Marks & Associates
Sameer Patel
Sameer Patel
Enterprise 2.0 Execution and Social Software Consulting, Span and Blogger at Pretzel Logic

Guest speakers to be announced.

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Don't miss your opportunity to save big bucks off your registration! Register today using discount code CNGSES89 and save 20% off the early rates on any conference pass or get a free Expo pass using code CNGSES01. Just copy and paste either code into the discount code field on the registration form and the discount will be automatically applied.

Expo Pavilion
Meet with dozens of established leaders and fresh new startups in the Expo Pavilion to learn more about the latest tools and technologies ? including some you may not even know you need yet.

Hotel & Travel
Enterprise 2.0 Conference has negotiated special rates at several hotels. If your plans?to attend the Enterprise 2.0 Conference includ pending the night, we encourage you to book your hotel room as soon as possible.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Contact Amy Jones at 415-947-6173 to learn more about the full list of available opportunities at Enterprise 2.0 Conference San Francisco.

2009 Sponsors

Putting the SEO and LPO Together Better Rankings Stem


Putting the SEO and LPO Together

Over the summer, we have been discussing how important it is to use Landing Page Optimization (LPO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your websites ready for the oncoming holiday traffic. That traffic is now about a month and a half away from showing up. This final part of our Christmas in July series will show you how to put the finishing touches on your newly SEO and LPO-ready site, to bring the most holiday shoppers with open wallets to your website. It?s kind of like putting the angel on the top of the Christmas tree!

Our third and final installment on holiday preparation covers the last-minute things you can do to make sure that this holiday season is your best ever!

[Check out all the ?trimmings? here ...]

    Better Rankings Stem from Keyword Stemming

    In the never-ending quest for better ranking position, we?ve all seen ? and let?s face it, we?ve all written at one time or another ??keyword-rich? paragraphs that border on the insane.

    One way to avoid this problem is by using keyword stemming ? ?finessing? your keywords to assume the many ways a person might write those words when searching for your product. Add these variables to your keyword meta tags and watch how fast your page ranking increases.

    [Find out more about adding a little finesse here ...]

    LPO Personas: "See" Your Audience Before Designing What They See

    Learning the basics to good Landing Page Optimization is easy.  It?s how you employ those basics to keep people on your site that sets you apart from your competition.

    The best way to do that is to create ?personas.? These are your ideas of who your best customers are. What do they do? Why do they buy? Where do they live?

    Talk To TLB!

    It?s important for us to stay in touch with you. That?s why you can reach TextLinkBrokers.com any time of day, via one of these convenient methods!

    Telephone: Call us at 866-489-8546, between 8:00 AM and 5:30 PM PST.

    Live Chat: Talk to virtually any department at TextLinkBrokers.com during office hours with our live php line!

          Just log on to our website, TextLinkBrokers.com
          and click the ?Live Support & Sales? button
          or click here.

    Email: Send any questions or comments to customer-support@textlinkbrokers.com. We will answer you promptly, or fill out our Online Form.

    Fax: 480-323-2446

    Mail: 1580 N. Fiesta Blvd. #102, Gilbert, AZ 85233

    Thanks for Your Support and Feedback!

    We appreciate all of your input. Without your feedback and feature requests, we may be missing out on what you are looking for. Don't hesitate to contact us and take this online survey at any time (even it is just to say hello), and let us know what you would like to see added.

    Here?s the link to the survey:

    In Our October Issue:

    Christmas in July

    5 Best Practices for Affiliate Landing Pages

    Find out the best ways to help your Affiliate Landing Pages drive leads straight to your site! The more they work in tandem, the better the results for you! Get the details next month in our October issue!


    Pensions and private funds rescue developers


    OPP Weekly News - Issue 196 - 29th September 2009

    To read the news stories you must be registered with OPP

    Finance: Developers make millions from pension investments

    Investors turn to property in SIPPs and IRAs as traditional pensions suffer...read more

    Developer: Private developer funding 'replacing' banks
    Developers must prove yield potential if they want finance, says $1.2bn broker...read more

    Industry: OPPLive conference programme now online
    Over 120 international speakers confirmed across 30 plus seminars, panels and workshops ...read more

    Fractional: 'Bad business models' keep fractional sales low
    More money must be spent on European sales and marketing, say consultants ... read more

    Media: A Place in the Sun Live announces spring dates
    UK consumer exhibition plans 2010 event while gearing up for this week's show...read more

    Marketing: Social network users 'must keep talking'
    Property firms need to keep producing content for social marketing success, say consultants ...read more

    OPP Magazine ~ September out now

    Fully interactive digital edition now available

    The September 2009 issue of OPP magazine is out now - in print and online:

    • Cover story: Do consumers care enough about the environment to pay more for eco-resorts?
    • Destination focus: Pain still reigns in Spain but how long till the recovery?
    • Market update: How a consortium of Malaysian developers is taking the destination to the buyer
    • Marketing focus: What impact does trade association membership have on your brand?
    • Industry view: Residential tourism specialists debate the 'new consumer'

    All these and other features can be viewed now in our digital edition, with embedded links to our advertisers and key sources of information.

    Don't miss out - read online now

    Question of the week ~ Have your say

    As consumers look to property again for pensions, will more financial advisers enter the overseas homes market - and what does this mean for agents?

    Have your say

    OPP Forum

    The Property Investor Show & OPPLive

    TheMove Channel


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