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The Best and Worst of Microsoft SharePoint application

Microsoft® SharePoint® Features:
The Best & The Worst
Expert and Rackspace Hosting go-to-guy for SharePoint, Jeff DeVerter, sheds light on the important things businesses need to think about to successfully deploy this complex application and infrastructure.
Article & Video Highlights
The features and capabilities that make SharePoint both a powerful force and a confusing application
Working with a SharePoint professional to identify specific pain points
Creating a definition of success that SharePoint can help target
Helpful SharePoint usage links
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Watch Jeff's SharePoint Videos
Click Here to Watch Rackspace SharePoint Architect, Jeff DeVerter, Talk Through the Best and the Worst of Microsoft SharePoint
Click Here to Watch Rackspace Solution Engineer, Paul Croteau, Talk Through Some of the Technical Considerations for Rich Media Projects Behind the Curtain of a Successful Rich Media Project
By: Paul Croteau - Rackspace Solutions Engineer

Read Paul's Rich Media Article & Watch His Videos


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