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Putting the SEO and LPO Together Better Rankings Stem


Putting the SEO and LPO Together

Over the summer, we have been discussing how important it is to use Landing Page Optimization (LPO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your websites ready for the oncoming holiday traffic. That traffic is now about a month and a half away from showing up. This final part of our Christmas in July series will show you how to put the finishing touches on your newly SEO and LPO-ready site, to bring the most holiday shoppers with open wallets to your website. It?s kind of like putting the angel on the top of the Christmas tree!

Our third and final installment on holiday preparation covers the last-minute things you can do to make sure that this holiday season is your best ever!

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    Better Rankings Stem from Keyword Stemming

    In the never-ending quest for better ranking position, we?ve all seen ? and let?s face it, we?ve all written at one time or another ??keyword-rich? paragraphs that border on the insane.

    One way to avoid this problem is by using keyword stemming ? ?finessing? your keywords to assume the many ways a person might write those words when searching for your product. Add these variables to your keyword meta tags and watch how fast your page ranking increases.

    [Find out more about adding a little finesse here ...]

    LPO Personas: "See" Your Audience Before Designing What They See

    Learning the basics to good Landing Page Optimization is easy.  It?s how you employ those basics to keep people on your site that sets you apart from your competition.

    The best way to do that is to create ?personas.? These are your ideas of who your best customers are. What do they do? Why do they buy? Where do they live?

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    In Our October Issue:

    Christmas in July

    5 Best Practices for Affiliate Landing Pages

    Find out the best ways to help your Affiliate Landing Pages drive leads straight to your site! The more they work in tandem, the better the results for you! Get the details next month in our October issue!


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