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Fire Fox share Mac browser tracking tips

Net Market Share

Firefox 3.5 Gains 4% Global Share in One Month

In another rapid adoption article, Firefox 3.5 gained 4% global share in September, bringing its share to 12.7%. With the surge in version 3.5, Firefox regained it's growth pattern that had halted briefly with the recent releases of new browser versions from Microsoft, Apple, Google and Opera. See www.netmarketshare.com for the latest usage market share for the major browsers in September.

18% of Mac Users Pounce on Snow Leopard in First Month of Release

On August 28th, Apple released Snow Leopard, which is version 10.6 of the Mac operating system.  Since then, it has had rapid adoption.  On the day of Sept. 29th, the global share of Snow Leopard was .91%, and the overall Mac share was 4.93%.  This means 18.45% of Mac users have upgraded to Snow Leopard in just one month after its release.


  Partner Focus - EVO Media Group

A great website is like a fast car. You want to keep its engine running at its peak performance and to do that you need the right tools and products. Net Applications is your web engine's super fuel to speed through lagging site traffic and less than ideal performance.

Net Applications has also partnered with many affiliate companies. The latest of these ventures is with EVO Media Group, the makers of DevHub.com. If Net Applications is the super fuel then DevHub is the perfect set of tools to sup up your website's competitive edge. This exciting, new company has launched a development/monetization platform unlike any other on net. Website publishers are able to quickly create niche-focused, topical sites using specialized site building tools and monetization modules. These modules include over 20 exclusive partners that provide publishers with a majority share of all revenues generated from their site(s)...


  HitsLink - Tips and Tricks

How do I set up a dashboard in HitsLink?

The dashboard makes viewing data easier than ever. The dashboard uses a graphical user interface of windows and panels to showcase charts, graphs, and tables. Through the dashboard, users can view multiple reports on one page, save the dashboard report state, and organize multiple reports using tab windows. Additionally, users can add and delete reports, change how the report is presented (i.e. bar charts, line charts, area charts, and pie charts), select the time frame using a slider, and neatly print the report the way it looks on the screen. Reports will be displayed in resizeable windows that can be moved and grouped anywhere on the dashboard. The dashboard will save its state automatically so the next time you return to the dashboard, it will be exactly as you left it....

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