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Payments Systems for Hostels and Hotels World Booking

Payments Systems for Hostels and Hotels
 Accept credit card payments directly from your guests and customers. Instant World Booking offers a payment service for hotels that is unique among other global providers. Everything you need to begin accepting payments by credit card is right here. Collect payments from your customers for any travel related cost. Accept credit cards for hotel rooms, meals, activities, or any other travel or lodging service you provide.
 IWB Payments - What is it?
 IWB Payments is a credit card payment system that enables you to charge your customers directly. This service is separate from our online reservation service, and you can use IWB Payments to accept credit cards even if you don't always accept online reservations.
 IWB Payments is a unique payment system offered only by Instant World Booking. It is unlike any service offered by competitors. How? You can accept credit card payments for any travel-related service, including rooms, meals, activities, etc. Charge customers up front as a deposit or as a final payment. Timing does not matter. For cancellations and no-shows (when your guest fails to arrive), you can now collect a cancellation fee according to your policy.
 IWB Payments even allows you to charge your customers for reservations originating from other sources. Consider this: Even if a reservation was confirmed from another service, like HostelWorld or BedandBreakfast com, you can charge your guests here for the reservation and related travel costs. No other provider offers such convenience, which is so important to your guests.
 Easier and Cheaper than Merchant Services
 IWB Payments is easier to access and get started than typical merchant services accounts or electronic payment systems. When you use IWB Payments, Instant World Booking handles all the collections and processing. Our service has now boundaries. Regardless of your region or location, you can now access convenient credit card payments for your guests without the hassle and cost of establishing your own merchant account. Merchant services and credit card processing can add fragmented costs that add up quickly for your travel business. With IWB Payments, avoid these costs:
 No merchant accounts
 No payment gateway
 No bank or credit applications
 No credit card processors
 Eliminating the need to maintain your own costly credit card processing, IWB Payments offers a smart solution starting at a total cost of only 6.9% - 7.9% of charge volume. Our solution offers substantial convenience for you and your customers, and in most cases is much cheaper than the aggregated cost of maintaining your own credit card processing. When considering that Instant World Booking handles additional tasks such as online integration, confirmations, and even dispute resolution (you never have the inconvenience of resolving credit card disputes) IWB Payments offers the best value.
 How IWB Payments works
 There are 2 convenient ways to use our payment service, 1) IWB Reservation Payments and 2) Payment Virtual Terminal.

 IWB Reservation Payments is for reservations already booked through Instant World Booking. Set up your property to automatically collect payments for IWB reservations. Collect final payments and even cancellation or no-show fees (when your guest fails to arrive) on reservations. The nice part about this feature is that you set it once, and then we automatically collect final balances from your guests on all IWB reservations. We collect prior to guest arrival, so you are assured of payment. To begin using this feature, simply log in to your listing and proceed to the "IWB Payments" page. Follow the instructions on your screen for setting up IWB Reservation Payments. It's that simple. To collect a cancellation fee from your guest, simply follow the same login steps and select the reservation ID you wish to collect for.
 Payment Virtual Terminal is used when you wish to charge your guest's credit card manually. Use Virtual Terminal for any travel-related costs you want to collect. Just enter the payments directly into our system. This is a great service when you wish to offer your customers the convenience of paying by credit card. Collect deposits or balances for rooms, meals, activities, etc. Even collect from your customers if they originally reserved through other sources (for example, another online reservation service like HostelWorld or BedandBreakfast com). Even collect for cancellation or no-show fees (when your guest fails to arrive). To begin using this feature, simply log in to your listing and proceed to the "IWB Payments" page. Then click "Start Virtual Terminal" to begin. Follow the instructions on your screen. It's that simple.
 Get Started - To get started, list your hotel with Instant World Booking. If you are already listed, log in and proceed to the "IWB Payments" page. Follow the instructions on your screen to get started accepting payments by credit card from your guests. You can begin accepting payments from your customers in as little as 24 hours. IWB Payments can enhance the convenience of collecting from your customers, and may be better for your business than other payment systems or merchant services. 

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