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Target your online sales to local audiences

Get your business listed locally
in top search engines & directories.

Local Directory listings are a great way to get your site additional visibility on local top engines and directories. By having your site listed you can:

1 Manage all of your listings from one central interface.
2 Submit once your information and know with confidence that
your site will be listed.
3 Top Search Engines, Portals, Online Yellow Pages, Navigation
Systems and Directories will receive your listing in a timely fashion.
4 By targeting your preferred geographical area, you gain access to a larger buying audience.
4 Free access to Local Business Pages.
What do our
customers think?

You might not think that a haunted attraction would benefit from search engine optimization, but considering how young and plugged in my target audience is, Submitnet gives me the competitive advantage when it counts. Whether soliciting actors for an army of zombies or seeking customers to keep my attraction growing bigger and better each year, Submitnet's SEO services (like SEO Local), really helps me stay top of mind by being top of search results. Thanks guys!!

Dave Helfrey

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