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Email Survival Guide for your email campaigns

LYRIS | HQ: Simplify. Unify. ROI.

In recent years many email marketers have avoided HTML emails fearing deliverability issues and lower response rates. But HTML emails only create problems when they are coded or designed the wrong way. HTML problems can easily be avoided with a little guidance. Here's a definitive guide that even the most experienced marketers will find essential for developing HTML emails that get desired results.

Download our free HTML Email Survival Guide and you will learn:

Guidelines for HTML coding - to use yourself or share with your technical staff, including...

  • HTML coding do's & don'ts
  • Using forms, images, buttons & style sheets in HTML emails
  • How to code so that your email renders well in most email clients
  • Creating a Web version of your email newsletter
  • Windows Service Pack 2: Impact on your email

HTML email design best practices, and how-to's including...

  • Font & font sizes, colors, number of hyperlinks
  • Preview panes & blocked images
  • Email format/versions
  • Essential content

You'll receive all this invaluable best practice information and more in our HTML Email Survival Guide.

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LYRIS | HQ: Simplify. Unify. ROI.

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