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Making Online Planning & Buying Easier Marketer Solutions

Issue 5: October 2009

Marketer Solutions: Making Online Planning & Buying Easier

Companies are constantly telling you about how their service works or why their capabilities are better than their competitors. Instead, wouldn't it be refreshing to just hear about how a service solves your problems?

We've created the Marketer Solutions section of our newsletter to focus on how Quantcast helps you do just this. At the end of the day, what matters most is your ability to reach the audiences that are most relevant to you at scale, regardless of how they are defined. Here are a few great ways to start leveraging Quantcast today:

Are you...

Tired of sending RFPs to large groups of publishers and relying on their "lens" to deliver your consumers?

Define your audience using Quantcast's lookalike model and reach people based on a consistent definition across all publishers you work with.

But what's a lookalike and how does this work?

A lookalike audience is your audience of millions - even tens of millions - that Quantcast identifies across the web and who 'look like' those already interacting with your brand. Lookalikes are built from a detailed audience profile developed by Quantcast once your online content is tagged - be it a brand site, your video content, a "Thank You" page, paid search clicks, or banner ad campaign.

And the part about reaching all those people consistently across publishers?

It's all about scale, and Quantcast makes iteasy to aggregate your audience once you've defined it. If you tag a paid search campaign, and want to reach people who look like those that clicked from a particular keyword, we can help you do that. Our Media Program partners consist of high quality properties that reach the majority of the web's audience every month. We can help you connect with them or, simply request a Quantcast Lookalike in your RFPs to publishers you work with.


Quantcast Events & Press

OMMA Adnets Nov 3rd

Ad:Tech NY Nov 4th & 5th

IAB AD Operations Summit Nov 16th

Mediaweek: BBE Tests Demo Based Video Ad Product

Advertising Week: Valuing Audiences in Real-Time: How Do Brand Advertisers Migrate

Tired of not being able to leverage the insights you have about your customers in ways that go beyond "retargeting"?

Use Quantcast's data passback to unlock your proprietary customer segmentation as part of the world's most innovative platforms for audience targeting.

What is passback data?

Marketers can provide Quantcast with their own anonymized customer data in order to build custom audience segments that can be used in the media buying process. This extended data allows you to build models and refine segments based on any number of criteria: such as what they purchase, total cart size, or even profit margin. Your data is only accessible by you and used by Quantcast solely on your behalf.

What are the advantages of this?

Our data passback solution provides you with a simple way to connect anonymous customer insights into the media planning and buying process. When you define your customer segments - by transaction size, product category, or any other data point, our solution allows you to connect it with an aggregate view of Internet media consumption to build even more powerful lookalike segments that help you extend reach against consumers who look like those you are already engaged with. Evaluate audiences as you define them through a single service, and apply your segmentation to the media buying process consistently.


New Feature: Managing Your Most Visited Audience Profiles With Quantcast Favorites

If you like to keep track of a lot of Quantcast publisher profiles, whether they are your own properties or properties of others, the new Favorites page lets you watch them all in one place. And you only see the data you are interested in.

To start using Favorites, login to Quantcast and go to a favorite publisher profile, such as http://www.quantcast.com/gawker.com. Underneath the site name, click the Add to Favorites button.

For full instructions about setting up your Favorites visit our blog post on it

Where to Find Us in November

OMMA Adnets: Vetting the Data: Which Targeting Points Get You Closest to Your Audience and Your Goals?
With: Rapp Digital, Wharton Interactive Media Initiative, and BlueKai

Tuesday, November 3rd

Ad:tech NY: Defining the New Media Currency-How to Bring Traditional Media Metrics Online, Or Should We?
With: Microsoft, Nielsen, comScore, Experian Hitwise, and ThinkEquity LLC

Wednesday, November 4th

Ad:tech NY: The Science of Targeting: Turning Data into Scalable, Actionable Insights
With: Facebook, Yahoo!, Google, and Omnicom Media Group Digital

Thursday, November 5th
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