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Maximizing Revenue from AdSense & Chitika

Chitika + AdSense: Ad Placement Guide

You CAN use Chitika ads along with Google AdSense on your website

Maximize your AdSense + Chitika Ad Potential
In this eBook you will learn:
  • How to combine Chitika & AdSense ads for a higher total revenue.
  • The importance of customizing your ad links to your website links.
  • Successful AdSense & Chitika Placement ideas
  • Advanced customization tips

What are Chitika Premium ads?
The Premium Approach
Chitika Premium ads will only appear to a visitor that clicks through to your
website from a search engine. Why? Because we believe that targeting a
search query and showing a relevant ad will result in a higher CTR and we
don't want you to feel like you are 'annoying' your regular visitors with
irrelevant ads (this is especially important for forum owners).
Can Chitika Premium Run with AdSense?
Yes! You can use Chitika Premium and AdSense together on the same page
1. Chitika ad units are NOT contextual
2. Chitika ad units do NOT look like AdSense units
At Chitika we reach out to our publishers daily to help them with ad placement
and customization so that they can not only earn the most revenue possible
from their Chitika ad units, but to also raise their overall advertising revenue.
Most of our users happily display Chitika Premium and Google AdSense ads
on their website, and as a result earn a combined higher revenue than using
AdSense or Chitika alone.
This is great news for you or any publisher; however, sometimes the improper
placement and/or customization of your ads can really decrease your
In this eBook you will see how seven actual Chitika users took the time to
strategically place and customize the Chitika Premium & AdSense ads on their
website for a successful steady income.


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