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real time auditing windows server

CPTRAX for Windows provides Real-Time Logon/Logoff and
File System Access Auditing for Windows Servers.
With CPTRAX for Windows you can see who is creating, accessing, and deleting your data! Receive complete audit trails of selected file and folder accesses. You can optionally configure alerts to be delivered via email and our desktop alert agent.

How is CPTRAX for Windows different than other File Access Auditing tools?
Does not use Windows Event Logs
Is not a snapshot tool that only notices after changes are made
No changes to your Windows security configuration
Audits local and remote file access in real-time including identification of IP address, workstation and user name
Can be used to block folder moves, file creates and modifications
CPTRAX for Windows provides the following for remote and local users including terminal service sessions via a lightweight server agent:
Tracking of File System Access Receive real-time alerts via desktop popup
Tracking of Folder Access Scalable Administration interface
Denial of unwanted file changes Unattended and Scheduled Reporting
Denial of unwanted folder changes Automatic purging of old activity logs
Receive real-time alerts via email Encrypted activity logs

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