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Getting one month back and summing up what new things we've managed to do for you all in October we find quite a number of minor improvements in the affilaite system and bigger launches and offers on Monster.

The biggest launch on both the sides was of course the appearance of Flash CMS Templates on Oct,6 as a new type on TemplateMonster and for affiliate galleries. This made a push for the new affiliate project - FlashMoto affiliate program - now (starting from Nov,4) you are able to use your FlashMoto link or banner to refer your visitors for Flash CMS purchases (as a standalone product) on FlashMoto.com and get 20% affiliate commission. The banners we've added to the FlashMoto project section on your account will surely help draw your customers attention to this new product presented on your website as well.

For those not using the api for the store customization but willing to get all the store pages look similar to the website other pages we've shared a few ideas of how to customize the checkout, offer, and shopping cart pages via the external css custom file. We've also shown how it can be implemented for a particular store with all the modifications we've done shown and commented  on MyTemplateStorage.com blog. The sample store is located on brillianwebdesigns.com. We feel sure you've already tried this just to see if and how it works and maybe already feasting your eyes on what you've done but if this is what you still need for your store and you feel like you could try doing it yourself the css ways will definitely be helpful - we've tried our best in getting the idea of using css as simply and revealingly as we could.

Sorry to state this as not done yet but the already announced Silverlight, Silverlight Intro and Joomla!-based Virtumart Templates launch is delayed. We do hope it won't take too long to see them appear in TemplateMonster's collection and we are also planning to put on the list of "planned-to-be-launched" products the new template type After Effects Intros.

So, this is probably all about October events so far - expect more of MyTempalteStorage news in our next month newsletter.

MytemplateStorage.com Team

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