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Where is Interactive Marketing Heading? A network of best of breed technologies

Suite Marketing is Sweet Marketing
The State of the Online Marketing
Suite in 2010
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Dear Online Marketer

For some businesses, digital media has created a myriad of distractions and data overload. But increasingly, sophisticated marketers are finding ways to use the available data and technology to their advantage.

In this Omniture webinar, Forrester Research presents what these forward-thinking marketers have in common such as how they invest in technology, understand the value of automation and embrace the use of an online marketing suite (i.e. all their data in one central hub).

Join Forrester Research and MotoSport, to learn:

  • Which marketing challenges technology can overcome
  • Which technology integrations are critical for success
  • How Motosport has combined the success of multiple Omniture Solutions for increased ROI

Come learn the habits and best practices of sophisticated marketers.

In June 2009, Omniture commissioned Forrester Consulting to research the current state of online marketing and its measurement.  The study evaluated how well marketers were maturing their approach to online marketing. 

The study asked marketers questions like: What is their approach to online programs? What skills are marketing executives prioritizing now and in five years?  What challenges inhibit further advancement?  And what technologies, if any, do they rely on to help with online marketing management?


Shar VanBoskirk, Vice President at Forrester Research, reviews some of the conclusions, including:

  • A network of best of breed technologies - what Forrester calls the "online marketing suite"- will support advanced online marketing strategies.
  • While many marketers struggle to embrace technology today, more successful onlinemarketers prioritize technology investments.
  • Successful marketers will require an online marketing suite that automates and unifiescustomer insight and action across channels.
  • Marketers emphasize strategy and technology integration as critical skills for the futurehealth of their organization

Faramarz Farhoodi, Vice President, MotoSports, reviews how they use various components of the Omniture online marketing suite to achieve a better view of customers and increase marketing ROI

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