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mobile web Ranked by market share for global sales

The MoFuse Team 
marymeekerThe Mobile Web: Bigger Than You Think
"The Mobile Internet is and will be bigger than most think"
-Mary Meeker, Oct 2009, Web 2.0 conference.

If you're getting this newsletter, Ms. Meeker probably isn't telling you anything you don't already know.

What's interesting is that as the mobile web grows, so does the incredible proliferation of mobile devices and browsers  - driving the need for your mobile presence to optimize across multiple handsets.

Globally, there are more than 5,000 devices in play. Ranked by market share for global sales, the top players are

39.3% Nokia
20.8% Research in Motion
17.1% Apple
6.5% HTC
3.2% Samsung
13.1% Others

Under the "Others" category besides the usual mobile suspects (Motorola, LG, etc.) we're seeing everything from the new Android, to Sony Play Stations and the Wii, to the Kindle pop-up on our network. 

So, if you thought one or two players is about to take over the mobile web, think again. The Mobile Internet is bigger, and perhaps even broader than most think. 
growing A Year To Celebrate
As the Mobile Web Grows, So Goes MoFuse

With your help, in the past year the number of MoFuse mobile sites has more than doubled.   The MoFuse network has experienced a 170% increase in sites from January through the end of November 2009.

We've seen incredible growth not just within the United States, but from South East Asia, Australia, Russia, and parts of Africa.

The good news is traffic to your sites is on the rise as well.  From January through November 2009, traffic across all mobile sites has increased a whopping 275%!

Most significant this year, the launch of our all new MoFuse Premium platform this past April. With Premium we dramatically expanded our capabilities so that customers could now build multi-page mobile sites with tremendous new capabilities for managing mobile.  Features and services include everything from clickable images and custom CSS, to form building for mobile data collection. We also launched entirely new, comprehensive analytics for your mobile site on MoFuse Premium.

Also there is a new API avaialble from MoFuse if you need to build hundreds of mobile sites in minutes - just ask us to tell you more by contacting sales@mofuse.com.

At the end of the day, what all of this adds up to for us is our ability to help you deliver the best mobile experience to your customers.  We think we all have a good reason to celebrate this season!

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