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Protecting Your Virtualized Environment For Less With Data Deduplication

Protecting Your Virtualized Environment For Less With Data Deduplication
Feb 5, 2010
1:00 p.m. Eastern / 10:00 a.m. Pacific
Duration: 60 Minutes

Join us to hear how data deduplication can help you protect your virtual server backups and maximize your overall data protection. Experts agree that virtualization is one of the most strategic investments you can make. But with the benefits of virtualization have also come new backup and data protection challenges.

Attend this eSeminar and you'll learn how to:
  • Create the fastest and most reliable backups for your virtual environment, both locally and at secondary sites
  • Achieve better backup storage use and scalability
  • Automate management for complex virtual environments
  • Speed recovery of virtual machines with instant restore capabilities
  • Tailor IT solutions to meet your specific VMware backup requirements
You'll also hear a real-world customer example of how data deduplication impacted


Online Video Platforms online video strategy open source video solution

Kaltura Inspire Free Webinar:
Best Practices & 2010 Predictions for Online Video

In November 2009, Forrester Research released "The Forrester Wave": US Online Video Platforms, Q4 2009" report which reviewed the online video landscape and compared six major players in the space.  Join us to hear first hand from Forrester Senior Analyst, Bobby Tulsiani, about the report and his conclusions from the research, as well as Bobby's predictions and specific trends to look for in the online video landscape in 2010.

Bobby's presentation will be followed by Kaltura, a Strong Performer in the Forrester Wave Report.  According to the report, Kaltura "offers a highly differentiated video platform option."  The company received the research's highest mark in 'customer base' and was ranked among the top three platforms across all major evaluation categories.  Kaltura Chairman & CEO, Ron Yekutiel, will present Kaltura's disruptive open source platform, and dive into best practices for publishers looking to deploy online video on any website or optimize their current video strategy.

Take-aways from this webinar:

  •  Key trends to consider for your online video strategy in 2010

  •  Tips for optimizing your online video - what to consider and how to best handle video management, monetization, syndication, and engagement

  •  Live case studies of leading brands and their online video strategies

  •  Benefits of an open source video solution

Webinar Details:

  - Date: Thursday, January 21, 2010

  - Time: 2:00 p.m. Eastern / 11:00 a.m. Pacific

  - Duration: 45 min. presentation + 15 min. Q&A



Adding machine-friendly data to a web page improves our ability to search

Introduction to RDFa

RDFa ("Resource Description Framework in attributes") is having its five minutes of fame: Google is beginning to process RDFa and Microformats as it indexes websites, using the parsed data to enhance the display of search results with "rich snippets." Yahoo!, meanwhile, has been processing RDFa for about a year. With these two giants of search on the same trajectory, a new kind of web is closer than ever before.

The web is designed to be consumed by humans, and much of the rich, useful information our websites contain, is inaccessible to machines. People can cope with all sorts of variations in layout, spelling, capitalization, color, position, and so on, and still absorb the intended meaning from the page. Machines, on the other hand, need some help.

A new kind of web—a semantic web—would be made up of information marked up in such a way that software can also easily understand it. Before considering how we might achieve such a web, let's look at what we might be able to do with it.



Using Email Marketing to Convert Social Media into Revenue

LYRIS | HQ: Simplify. Unify. ROI.

Social + Email Marketing: The Dynamic Duo
Using Email Marketing to Convert Social Media into Revenue

Thursday, January 28, 2010
11:00 AM Pacific Time/2:00 PM Eastern Time

Register for the Webinar now.

Moving into 2010, email marketers are being asked to produce more and better results with existing (and sometimes even fewer) resources. So developing low-cost, high-impact marketing programs that can be run efficiently and leveraged over time is essential to email marketing success.

Enter social media marketing. While social media continues to be a hot marketing medium and, intuitively, email marketers see its value, most are unclear about how to get started and convert it into revenue. Additionally, many email marketers can't quite make a strong business case that justifies allocating scarce resources to social media.

Spend an invaluable hour with email and social media marketing expert, Blaine Mathieu, who will discuss how to use email marketing to convert social media into revenue. By combining this dynamic duo, you can gain a competitive advantage and drive conversions and real ROI.

In this informational Webinar, you will learn:

  • Why email marketing is at the core of any strong social media strategy
  • How social sharing can extend your email campaigns, generate more qualified leads and increase email ROI
  • How to use email marketing to convert social media into revenue
  • How to use email as a powerful feedback mechanism for social media marketing programs — and how to turn that feedback into improved email and social media marketing results
  • How social media and email marketing combine to build relevance and engagement, an important technique to driving greater conversions
  • And much more

As a special bonus, all Webinar attendees will receive a free guide — The Dynamic Duo: Email Marketing and Social Media — a perfect complement to the Webinar presentation. It's an actionable guide full of best practices and how-to's that will help you achieve higher ROI from your combined email and social media marketing campaigns right away.

Blaine Mathieu

Blaine Mathieu

Chief Marketing Officer, Lyris Inc.

Blaine Mathieu leads the marketing and product strategy for Lyris' integrated online marketing suite: Lyris HQ. He has long been a vocal pioneer in the rapidly emerging arena of social media marketing. He speaks regularly at industry events on the topic of social media and email marketing in his passionate effort to evangelize adoption. Blaine also held leadership positions at Adobe Systems, Gartner Group and Corel Corp.

Register now for this informative Webinar



Seo Optimization for every site

Retweet This! How Do You Optimize For Every Individual Customer?

The search engine landscape is ever changing. We covered that. However, while there are multiple players involved in facilitating that change, there is one that drives it far more than the rest of the competition. Obviously, we're talking about Google.

Is there a point where adapting to Google's changes becomes impossible? Share your thoughts.

To a very drastic extent, Google drives how the search engine marketing industry operates. With Google holding such a dominant share of the search market, it's not hard to figure out why. While some may tell you it's not the most productive use of your marketing time, businesses who hope to find success in driving people to their website (or even brick and mortar store) often hang on every word Google says and every change Google makes to its search engine and/or search results.

Liz Gannes with the tech blog GigaOm recently spoke with Google Engineering Director David Glazer about Google's approach to social for 2010. And we come back to that changing search landscape. Social plays a huge role in it, and Glazer acknowledged just that. Gannes reports:

In 2010, Google plans to expose and elicit more of the social network built into the tools that many of us already use — Gmail, Google Talk, etc. If you use Google products, the company already knows who your most important contacts are, what your core interests are, and where your default locations are. Glazer said to expect many product and feature launches that start to connect that information in useful ways.

"Everything is better when it knows who I am," said Glazer, who is responsible for working on developer platforms that include social aspects — a more distributed role than he had at Google in the past, Glazer said, when he was working on social exclusively. That's an improvement, he said, since social products are no longer siloed within the company.

What does "social" mean to Google? "Who I am, who do I know, what do I do," said Glazer.
(emphasis added)

Back in October, Google released its experimental Social Search feature, which Google said would help users "find more relevant public content from their broader social circle."

Relevance of social search has been questioned though. WebProNews recently discussed search trends for 2010 and beyond with comScore's "Search Evangelist" Eli Goodman. Believe it or not, social search is counted among these trends, and he mentions such a lack of relevance in social search results.


The real question is: is SEO going to become less relevant? Before you get all worked up, I will acknowledge that SEO is based on adaptation and changing along with the search engines. In fact, that was essentially the topic of a recent WebProNews article. Hear me out.

Right now, search engine optimization as we know it is still very relevant for businesses, but as Google learns more about who people are, they're going to direct them to what they think is right. Social search and personalized search are very closely related.

Think about Google's universal search, which aims to deliver results Google thinks you might want. These results draw from a wide variety of different places - Google News, Google's real-time index, YouTube, etc. Each set of universal results takes more attention away from the regular old organic results. How long until social search (or something like it) becomes a part of this.

And let's not forget about mobile. Smartphones are taking the world by storm, and Google is doing everything in its power to take over this market (though it still has work to do). Google knows your location if you let it. Then you have Google Latitude. Google knows your friends' locations if they let it. Then, what happens when Chrome OS (Google's Operating System) comes out. It may not catch on as much as Google would like, but then again it may. It starts on netbooks, but how long until that grows into something bigger?

Google just keeps on releasing more products. More products means more opportunities for the company to encourage use of other Google products. They also keep acquiring more companies by the way, and that includes the recent acquisition of a mobile advertising agency and an attempted acquisition of Yelp (the failure of which, was quickly compensated for to some extent by Google's release of the "Near me Now" feature).

As Gannes notes, Google has this month brought on strategists Joseph Smarr and Chris Messina, who she says are "widely known for their advocacy of the open social web." This likely will lead to more social and personalized experiences related to search.

Chris Brogan, one of the posterboys for social media, read the article too, and makes some pretty good points for businesses. Rather, he asks questions. Questions like:

- Does your company know how you are?
- Do they know who you know?
- Do they know what you do?

Questions like these are already important for a business looking to establish its identity (not to mention tell its story), but they could become increasingly important in an era of new SEO strategies.

"People expect a certain level of customer service as table stakes to the game," says Brogan. "In the new, much more wired world, I believe we're asking for more. I want my airlines to know just how often I fly, which seat I tend to choose, how often I upgrade, and whether I normally check my bag. Think about how helpful they could be if they did something with that information."

Naturally, privacy plays a big role in the scheme of things, and as Brogan notes, that means opt-in. However, I think people generally trust Google (the search engine), at least to the extent that they will continue using it for the foreseeable future. I am well aware that many people do NOT trust Google, but within the broad spectrum of the general public, people trust it. Google's search market share is evidence of that.

So, moving into the future, as Google makes efforts to tailor the user experience to a more social and more personalized one, where does that leave traditional SEO? Can it survive? It's always been about adaptation and will continue to be, but is there a breaking point where SEO will be trumped by who users know and where they are? Who they are? Can you optimize for every individual customer? That's where things could get tricky.

5 Social Media Secrets for 2010

5 Social Media Secrets for 2010

Social media took a wild ride in 2009. The mainstream press fell in love with Twitter, Facebook grew aggressively and a new wave of companies starting taking social media seriously as a business tool. Below are 10 secrets to staying on top of it all in 2010

1. Pay Attention to the Metrics
You can't manage what you can't measure. Chief Marketing Officers are going to pay more attention to metrics and tie in social media more directly to overall business goals, not just web-related goals. When starting up new project agree on what the metrics should be and what goals are appropriate.

2. Scale Good Habits
As you grow, make sure you match your structure, policy and guidelines to your organization size. What works with 2 people won't work with 20 people. All in all your structure should encourage good habits. Your entire team should be motivated to respond quickly, post consistently and talk like a human. Speaking of policies and rules...

3. Have Rules, But Trust People
As your social media strategy matures, you'll add in more rules and guidelines. However, you can't have a rule for every situation. You need to trust your team. Lead by example, don't manage with rulebook.

4. Creativity & Personality Trump Big Budget
Social media is definitely one of those areas in life where more money doesn't always win. Two of the most powerful ingredients in social media are creativity and personality. They are the key to having a viral message and to being a trusted resource. They are also essential to discovering useful strategies and tactics. You can't be afraid to try something new or go against the grain.

5. Listen Listen Listen
Don't focus so much on you and your message. Put that farther down on your To Do List. Focus first on your customers. Hear what they are saying, see what they're up to. Once you've been able to connect, and figure them out, then see how you can help.

Capture Leads on Your Domain

We're happy to say you can now use LeadShare on your own domain. We've enabled LeadShare functionality on embeds, which lets you capture leads on your own site or blog.
We foresee this being leveraged in social media campaigns to help convert eyeballs into conversions. Lead capture can increase the ROI of your site, blog or webinar archives even without a campaign.
Have a campaign idea regarding LeadShare? Contact us.


US Internet users view online video content

According to eMarketer, more than three-quarters of US Internet users view online video content on a monthly basis.

Given the increase in broadband penetration, internet usage, and video consumption, there is an enormous opportunity for online media companies and marketers to leverage rich media to drive their business initiatives.

We have provided access to webinars and reports from leading research portals providing insight into how to effectively leverage online video to achieve your end goal and objectives.

The Ooyala Team

About Ooyala
Ooyala is a leading video technology company that provides a comprehensive suite of publishing, analytics, and monetization capabilities. With Ooyala's online video platform, content owners gain deep viewer insights that drive increased video engagement and monetization opportunities. Ooyala serves global media companies and marketers including Wenner Media, Fremantle Media, Armani and Electronic Arts. For more information please visit www.ooyala.com .

Free Trial
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Conference of technical information on cloud development

Cloud Connect :: Santa Clara Convention Center | Silicon Valley, CA :: March 15–18, 2010
See the most powerful cloud innovations and solutions the industry has to offer. Cloud Connect is the defining event for the cloud computing industry with executives, IT professionals and developers coming together to drive growth and innovation.

Learn about the latest cloud technologies and platforms — including specialized and vertical clouds, migration strategies, industry standards and cloud security — that can impact your organization.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of cloud technologies in 9 Conference tracks, focus on key cloud topics in the Executive Summit and other workshops geared for IT professionals, developers.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT EXTENSION: Register by 1/31 with Priority Code CNMZCC01 to save 40% on Conference Passes*.

Conference — (Details coming soon). Explore benefits and opportunities, develop successful business models, build relationships or get in-depth technical information on cloud development.
Tuesday–Thursday, March 16-18.

On-Demand Economics
Migration Strategies
Specialized/Vertical Clouds
Case Studies
Infrastructure 2.0
Industry Standards
Cloud Consequences
Management, Security, &
Dealing With Data

Full Day Programs: Focus on the issues that matter most to you on Monday, March 15:

All Intro to Clouds – Get all the facts about cloud computing.
IT Pros CloudOps Boot Camp – Learn how to make the switch to on-demand platforms.
IT Pros Cloudsec 101 – Look at the major cloud security issues of today, as well as emerging threats and attacks.
Developers NoSQL Basics – Building Apps Without RDBMS: Understand new data models and rethink how scaling can happen.
Developers Performance and Optimization for Cloud Environments – Understand the capacity/performance equation within cloud environments.
Executives Executive Summit – Focus on the impact of the cloud as a platform to drive innovation and growth in the market.

Event At-A-Glance

*40% off discount applies to Flex and Conference Passes. Discount calculated based on the on-site price and not combinable with other offers. Offer good on new registrations only. Proof of IT industry involvement required. Prices after discount applied:
Flex: $1,377
Conference: $1,197


Planning and Implementing IP Telephony and Converged Networks

VoiceCon Orlando 2010 :: March 22-25, 010 :: Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center

It's a new year. Time to move your enterprise to the next level in communications and collaboration. VoiceCon has you covered.

VoiceCon Orlando runs March 22-25, and key IT executives, industry analysts and equipment, software and service providers will be presenting and evaluating options for migrating enterprise communications to next-gen capabilities and applications.

Attend the leading enterprise communications event in the industry to see the latest solutions and analyze how to take advantage of the dramatic changes reshaping our industry. There are new players, new products, and new choices, and you don't want to begin your migration without a complete understanding of what it means for your network, your enterprise and your career.

VoiceCon Orlando's program and pricing are more modular, more accessible and more cost effective than ever. We have pricing packages to fit every budget.
Register by January 22 for our best rates. Plus, if you register as part of a team of three or more you can save an additional $200 per person! Use priority code: CNMYVR18.

VoiceCon Conference Program Preview

The VoiceCon Conference Program will address six key issues:
  • Planning and Implementing IP Telephony and Converged Networks
  • Unified Communications
  • Managing Staff, Technology & Costs
  • Communications Applications and Application Development
  • Mobility/Wireless Communications
  • Next-Gen Communications Technologies
Keynotes (as of Jan 1):
  • Avaya
  • Cisco
  • Microsoft
VoiceCon Summits (as of Jan 1):
  • Unified Communications
  • Cloud Computing Role in Enterprise Communications
  • User Forum
  • Future of the Phone in the Enterprise
Complete conference session details will be available in mid-January.

The Exhibition is the only place to see ALL of the equipment and software suppliers and the service providers serving the enterprise communications market in one location.

For more information about VoiceCon Orlando 2010, visit the VoiceCon website.

To grow sales in 2010 meets market demand and a strong network

Start 2010 with new, active sales partners
"To grow sales in 2010 companies will need good, well-priced product that meets market demand and a strong network of active sales partners."

The industry relies on OPP to find out industry news, developments, advice and opportunities. If you are looking to improve your international sales network in 2010, OPP offers the most cost-effective ways of reaching the agents and partners you need.

The OPP e-newsletter is seen by over 60,000 industry professionals in over 80 countries every week. The monthly magazine is now also available electronically and an average of 50 new agents register to receive it every week.


All OPP campaigns now guarantee results

Guaranteed Response


Why would you spend budget on marketing that may deliver nothing?
All promotional campaigns with OPP now guarantee a minimum number of direct enquiries from companies keen to partner with you.

Whether you're looking for Scandinavian agents, a sales partner in Saint Petersburg, active IFAs or a large network of over 100 agents across all key buyer markets, we can help.

  How does it work?  

Initially we will discuss your current sales operation and identify a number of areas where OPP can significant increase your sales reach immediately. We'll also look at how you currently work with agents, sub-agents or other sales partners and advise, where possible, how this may be improved.

  Examples from last month  
In December a Portuguese developer received 75 direct enquiries to their OPP campaign from agents within 48 hours of the campaign launching.

Also last month a real estate agency client received 62 enquiries from other agents keen to set up reciprocal commission-share agreements, all from a single email campaign.

For a detailed report on how OPP can help your business and find you the best, new sales partners please fill in the  form. We'll contact you within 48 hours and outline some options, costs and response guarantees available.

Sell More and Save More With These Top Tips

Managing for Growth - Sell More, Save Money, & Improve the Customer Experience
Jan 14, 2010
1:00 p.m. Eastern/10:00 a.m. Pacific
Duration: 60 Minutes

Join us for an eSeminar where you'll learn best practices to apply to your business that boost growth.

"If information is merely for score keeping, I'm not interested," says Kenny Larson, Slumberland Furniture President. "Information and tools must help us sell more furniture, save money and improve the customer experience. Otherwise, it wastes people's time."

Attend this eSeminar and you'll learn how to boost your business with best practices on:
  • Business process automation
  • Web content management
  • Collaboration and team building


How to make money with online video

Conference Interop Las Vegas April 25 Enterprise IT Management

What's New. What's Next. See It At Interop Las Vegas :: April 25-29, 2010

Conference Program Announced –
Register Now and Save 40%

Download Event BrochureLearn about all the latest technology innovations at Interop — including virtualization, mobility, cloud computing and data center advances — that will impact your organization today, and in the future.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the leading technologies in Conference tracks, focus on key topics in Enterprise Cloud Summit, virtualization and other workshops, or prepare for IT's top job in the CIO Boot Camp.

Register by January 31st with Priority Code CNMXNL01 and Save 40% on Conference Passes*

Conference Gain comprehensive thought leadership.
Tuesday-Thursday, April 27-29:

Mobile Business
Application Delivery
Governance, Risk &
Video Conferencing
VoIP and Unified
Cloud Computing
Data Center
IT Security and Risk
Enterprise 2.0
Green IT

Full Day Programs — Focus on key IT issues in full day programs before the Conference, Sunday-Monday, April 25-26:

CIO Boot Camp: Intensive two-day program that helps CIOs, CTOs and senior IT executives learn the skills and strategies needed to position their organization for growth.
Enterprise Cloud Summit: Learn about opportunities offered by cloud technologies and meet vendors driving innovation.
Workshops: Full-day courses with up to the minute, in-depth information, including:

• Principles of Effective IT Management
• Uncovering Application Vulnerabilities
• Securing Windows 7
• Virtualization Management
• Enterprise Mobility Challenges
• Network Troubleshooting
• Successfully Deploying Desktop and Application Virtualization
• Evaluating SharePoint 2007/2010
• Understanding Voice Over IP
• Advanced Protocol Analysis
• Essential Technologies to Overcome Security Threats

Event At-A-Glance

*40% off discount applies to Flex, 4-Day and Conference Passes. Discount calculated based on the on-site price and not combinable with other offers. Proof of current IT involvement required. Prices after discount applied:
Flex: $1,977
4-Day: $1,737
Conference: $1,377



How to increase traffic visits on my website?

Increase traffic to your website from Google and Yahoo! search engines by over 200% within weeks!
  • Proven Results: Our team consistently places clients' websites within the top results pages on Google and Yahoo. Let us apply our proven methods to your campaigns today!
  • We'll CUT your marketing costs: PPCMX creates and manages your pay per click campaign from start to finish, completely. All you need to do is brief us on your business needs. We do the rest.
  • We're the experts in the Mexican market: PPCMX provides the expertise to develop profitable search engine marketing campaigns for Mexican companies targeting the domestic, North American and European markets.
  • Plans tailored to ANY budget: PPCMX uses a budget-driven model to customize a search engine marketing strategy to maximize your profits online.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a powerful, low-cost and profitable direct marketing channel for your business to reach over 70 million potential customers worldwide. 

Because search engines such as Google and Yahoo! are the first and most important source of information for your products and services online, it is a high priority for your company's website to be within the top result pages. 

A clearly designed and professionally implemented SEM strategy reduces your marketing costs by targeting qualified customers at exactly the moment when they're searching for the products or services you offer.

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