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To grow sales in 2010 meets market demand and a strong network

Start 2010 with new, active sales partners
"To grow sales in 2010 companies will need good, well-priced product that meets market demand and a strong network of active sales partners."

The industry relies on OPP to find out industry news, developments, advice and opportunities. If you are looking to improve your international sales network in 2010, OPP offers the most cost-effective ways of reaching the agents and partners you need.

The OPP e-newsletter is seen by over 60,000 industry professionals in over 80 countries every week. The monthly magazine is now also available electronically and an average of 50 new agents register to receive it every week.


All OPP campaigns now guarantee results

Guaranteed Response


Why would you spend budget on marketing that may deliver nothing?
All promotional campaigns with OPP now guarantee a minimum number of direct enquiries from companies keen to partner with you.

Whether you're looking for Scandinavian agents, a sales partner in Saint Petersburg, active IFAs or a large network of over 100 agents across all key buyer markets, we can help.

  How does it work?  

Initially we will discuss your current sales operation and identify a number of areas where OPP can significant increase your sales reach immediately. We'll also look at how you currently work with agents, sub-agents or other sales partners and advise, where possible, how this may be improved.

  Examples from last month  
In December a Portuguese developer received 75 direct enquiries to their OPP campaign from agents within 48 hours of the campaign launching.

Also last month a real estate agency client received 62 enquiries from other agents keen to set up reciprocal commission-share agreements, all from a single email campaign.

For a detailed report on how OPP can help your business and find you the best, new sales partners please fill in the  form. We'll contact you within 48 hours and outline some options, costs and response guarantees available.

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