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Using Email Marketing to Convert Social Media into Revenue

LYRIS | HQ: Simplify. Unify. ROI.

Social + Email Marketing: The Dynamic Duo
Using Email Marketing to Convert Social Media into Revenue

Thursday, January 28, 2010
11:00 AM Pacific Time/2:00 PM Eastern Time

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Moving into 2010, email marketers are being asked to produce more and better results with existing (and sometimes even fewer) resources. So developing low-cost, high-impact marketing programs that can be run efficiently and leveraged over time is essential to email marketing success.

Enter social media marketing. While social media continues to be a hot marketing medium and, intuitively, email marketers see its value, most are unclear about how to get started and convert it into revenue. Additionally, many email marketers can't quite make a strong business case that justifies allocating scarce resources to social media.

Spend an invaluable hour with email and social media marketing expert, Blaine Mathieu, who will discuss how to use email marketing to convert social media into revenue. By combining this dynamic duo, you can gain a competitive advantage and drive conversions and real ROI.

In this informational Webinar, you will learn:

  • Why email marketing is at the core of any strong social media strategy
  • How social sharing can extend your email campaigns, generate more qualified leads and increase email ROI
  • How to use email marketing to convert social media into revenue
  • How to use email as a powerful feedback mechanism for social media marketing programs — and how to turn that feedback into improved email and social media marketing results
  • How social media and email marketing combine to build relevance and engagement, an important technique to driving greater conversions
  • And much more

As a special bonus, all Webinar attendees will receive a free guide — The Dynamic Duo: Email Marketing and Social Media — a perfect complement to the Webinar presentation. It's an actionable guide full of best practices and how-to's that will help you achieve higher ROI from your combined email and social media marketing campaigns right away.

Blaine Mathieu

Blaine Mathieu

Chief Marketing Officer, Lyris Inc.

Blaine Mathieu leads the marketing and product strategy for Lyris' integrated online marketing suite: Lyris HQ. He has long been a vocal pioneer in the rapidly emerging arena of social media marketing. He speaks regularly at industry events on the topic of social media and email marketing in his passionate effort to evangelize adoption. Blaine also held leadership positions at Adobe Systems, Gartner Group and Corel Corp.

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