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AdWords Advantage Online Summit training event


Hi Subscriber,

Last week we sent you an invitation to our upcoming AdWords Advantage Online Summit starting on March 9, 2010.

Apparently many of you are really searching for a way to kick off your AdWords campaigns in 2010! So many folks clicked on the links in the email, and forwarded the email to friends that all the traffic killed our server and many folks couldn't get through to sign up! We've now added extra ram and bandwidth and invite you to try again - but don't leave it too long.

We only have space for 500 at this event and we can see from the response last week that it will be sold out long before we start, so please if you are considering it, get in now while there is still space.

This is a top-notch training event that will help you attract highly targeted customers, for less of your marketing budget. We've assembled an amazing team of experts who will share hot tips, techniques and strategies guaranteed to boost your AdWords results and allow you to get a better return for the dollars you spend. Big names are joining me for this unique conference, such as Fred Valleays (Senior Google Evangelist), Bryan Eisenberg (author, Always Be Testing: The Complete Guide to Google Website Optimizer), David Szetela (author, Customers Now: Profiting From the New Frontier of Content-Based Internet Advertising), and many other high-profile folks.

Sign up here for the AdWords Advantage Online Summit. This is an educational online summit dedicated to helping you thrive in 2010 with better AdWords Strategies.

AdWords can be one of the most effective forms of sales generation for your business but ONLY if you are doing it correctly. And so many advertisers just aren't. Can you say with any confidence that your AdWords campaign couldn't be improved upon? Wouldn't you like to hear about some of the strategies that these experts use to manage multi-million dollar campaigns?

Please seriously consider this event. Not only because for a limited time tickets are half off, but more importantly because you really want to improve the way your AdWords campaigns perform in 2010.

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