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Should blogging be the hub of your social media strategy

Compendium Blogware is the Software Built for Business Blogging

Should blogging be the hub of your social media strategy?

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Join social media expert Jason Baer and influential marketer Chris Baggott as they discuss: Should blogging be the hub of your social media strategy?

Free Webcast: Thursday, March 4, 2009, 2-3pm EST

Sound familiar…You're blogging (or considering it), your company is also on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. How the heck do you prioritize and streamline efforts? Using blogs as the hub of these strategies is one way marketers have found great success.

During this jam packed hour the experts will also cover:
  1. What social media is best for your industry?
  2. Should you be allocating resources to it?
  3. How does blogging fit into the equation?
  4. How to measure track and adjust your efforts?
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Compendium Blogware is a Web-based blogging platform built for businesses and organizations. With its administrative layers and proprietary Compending feature that maximizes search engine optimization; the company offers businesses an innovative solution for lead generation, customer acquisition and humanizing their marketing.

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