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Create A Holistic Business And Technology Environment

Interactive Intelligence eSeminar: Building Profitable Relationships in Insurance. Register Now | Read Online
Holistic Customer Communications Management: Building Profitable Relationships in Insurance
Mar 25, 2010
1:00 p.m. Eastern/ 10:00 a.m. Pacific
Duration: 60 Minutes

Join us as we discuss how you can bring the different parts of insurance together with Deb Smallwood, Founder of SMA Strategy Meets Action, and Rick Chin, Solutions Marketing Manager with Interactive Intelligence. Deb and Rick will also answer your questions during Q&A.

In this webinar, you will learn what is missing in many areas of the insurance business and how using a CCM strategy can help you achieve your key business goals. Areas of discussion include:
Positioning for market recovery
Meeting new expectations in business
The role of Customer Communications Management
Creating a holistic business and technology environment
Expected business results
Register and you'll be able to receive a copy of the Holistic Customer Communications Management: Building Profitable Relationships in Insurance whitepaper!

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REGISTER FOR EVENT >>Deborah M. Smallwood
PFounder - SMA
Rick Q. Chin
Solutions Marketing
Joseph E. Maglitta
Editorial Director and Market Expert
Ziff Davis Enterprise



Affiliate travel sites increase your income with tis tips

Discover how to get more from your affiliate website
We know how difficult it is to run an affiliate website and rank well on search engines, using just EAN's data feeds to create your pages won't get you to the top positions.
  You need to optimize the content and increase your site's link portfolio before you can be at number 1. follow these tips to optimize your pages
Get Original compelling content You need to enhance the date we provide with your own original content, having good compelling content not only will help your site rank better but will also improve your conversion rate and revenue generated from your site.If you don't have the means to generate extra content try outsourcing it to our recommended copy writing vendor at the end of this newsletter.
Be Original, Shuffle Data Fields Displaying content just as we present it in our database will get you nowhere, everyone does the same, shuffle the fields so your site looks original, analyse your traffic and see what they are more interested in and present that content first. It's a good idea to also interlace data with other suppliers' content such as Google Maps, weather widgets, photos, etc.
Improve your link portfolio According to SEOmoz.org at least 65% of the factor responsible of a certain page's rankings are related to who links to your pages and how they do it. Make sure you get good quality links pointing to your pages that are using different variations of keywords to do so. If you need help acquiring new links for your site you'll also find a company that can help you with this at the end of this email.
Integration Guide
We have multiple options available for integrating your site or blog with our affiliate solutions, from the flexible XML solution to our simplest one which is to create a white label site. 

  If you are still lost and you haven't been able to get your affiliate site going download our newest integration guide where we have created a new site (ExampleTravel.com) from zero and integrated it with our white label solution in a matter of a few hours.

Now there is no excuse for not starting your own travel site and start earning commissions from it.


Customer Research Trends for 2010 through the Words You Use

The #1 Mistake We See in Customer Feedback
All kinds of work go into getting your customers to share feedback with you.  Ironically, the place we see most companies trip up is at the finish line � when it�s time to share those results with employees.

Over the years we�ve worked with a wide variety of companies to help create feedback loops between [...]
Blog Post By : Ivana Taylor
View the Blog Post
Optimized Copywriting: Attract Prospects to Your Site through the Words You Use
As part of 2009�s Search Marketing Secrets series, you discovered that using effective keyphrase research is one of the top three ways to create breakthrough results for your company.
Keyphrase research allows you to find out what language your prospects are using to find the products and/or services that you offer. By incorporating the results of [...]
Blog Post By : Ivana Taylor
View the Blog Post
Customer Research Trends for 2010
Trendwatching isn�t just for designers and marketing and design professionals.  Market researchers want to know what�s hot in the world of measuring customer experience as much as everyone else!
I�ve pulled together some of the new and trending ways that customers provide information and organizations collect it.

Tracking Social Media Conversations.  Focus groups used to be the [...]
Blog Post By : Ivana Taylor
View the Blog Post
The Eyes Have It: What You Need to Know About Eye Contact
There�s a lot you can learn from considering the phenomenon of eye contact.  Just a fraction of a second�s eye contact yields a huge amount of information that you can � and do � use as you communicate with your interlocutor.  Thinking about how this works, and why we�ve evolved to do it, can pay big dividends. Take a look at this picture of three women and consider the amount of information you get almost instantly just by looking at their eyes.  For just a little time invested you know a lot about if each person is happy or sad, if she�s anxious or if she�s at peace.

Eye contact is a big part of any conversation.  And as you absorb the information � the feedback � you get from eye contact while having that conversation, you�ll find that you make subtle course corrections in what you�re saying and how you�re saying it.

This is a perfect, beautiful example of a feedback loop.  What is it that makes this feedback loop so successful?  In thinking about this, two things jump out at us.  First, it�s simple.  (On its surface, anyway.)  Your brain filters out extraneous information and focuses on certain vital cues which you�ve learned to watch for.  You�re not overloaded with feedback.  You�re fully focused on the other person�s eyes and what they�re doing with them. Second, it�s fast and it�s repetitive.

We don�t make eye contact once.  Rather, we maintain this feedback loop during our conversations. Why have we evolved this feedback loop?  Communication is among our most important human characteristics, and the ability to understand nonverbal cues is a big advantage.  What�s even more interesting to consider is how this feedback system�s simplicity and repetitiveness has allowed it to evolve to become so important to us.

What�s evolving in your organization?  Customer feedback initiatives are like anything else in corporate life.  If we�re not careful, these programs can become bloated and ineffective.  We suggest taking a page out of nature�s playbook and examining how you can use your customer feedback to give your organization �virtual eye contact� with lots of customers.

The big take-aways we see are those that have allowed eye contact to evolve into such an important part of who we are and how we communicate.



  • Keep it focused by concentrating only on those vital cues that drive results.  (For more ideas on this, read Choose One Thing.)
  • Find a system for streamlining the results so your employees don�t have information overload.  There are a variety of ways � including our software � to do this. Make it repetitive.
  • Ask for feedback and share it with your employee-facing customers regularly.


How we use eye contact to help us communicate is one of those great examples of nature accomplishing something very powerful with simple elegance.  We�d do well to emulate it.


About the Author: Max Israel is the founder of Customerville, a Customer Satisfaction Measurement Solution for Multi-unit Operators that can help you create happier customers and drive sales.



Black Hat Webcast Pen Testing the Web with Firefox

Black Hat Webcast
Black Hat Europe 2010 April 12–15
Barcelona, Spain  Hotel Rey Juan Carlos

Black Hat Abu Dhabi 2010
May 30th–June 2 Abu Dhabi, UAE

Black Hat USA 2010 July 24–29
Las Vegas, NV Caesars Palace

Black Hat Webcast — Auditing/Assessment: Pen Testing the Web with Firefox by Michael Shearer

Date: Thursday, March 18th, 2010
Time: 10:00 am PT/1:00 pm ET
Duration: 60 minutes w/ Q&A


Hacking the web has never been easier. Whether you're using Firefox as a standalone tool for information gathering, modifying your browser with innovative extensions, or using Firefox as a web front-end for other penetration testing tools, you can hack all within the potentially anonymous cozy confines of your customized browser. Putting it all together brings your hack-foo one step further. DNS lookups, uptime reports, hosted hash crackers and online scanners are at your browser's fingertips. With Firefox's innovative add-on feature, a number of powerful extensions have been developed for security scanning, ethical hacking, penetration testing, and general security auditing. Finally, a number of penetration testing applications are built specifically with web-based front-ends. Add in a few recommendations for your setup and a few places to test your hacking skills, and your recipe for hack soup is complete.

Bio: Michael Schearer ("theprez98") is a government contractor who spent nearly nine years in the United States Navy as a combat-experienced EA-6B Prowler Electronic Countermeasures Officer. He also spent nine months on the ground doing counter-IED work with the U.S. Army. He is a graduate of Georgetown University's National Security Studies Program and a presenter at DEFCON, ShmooCon, HOPE and internationally at CONFidence (Poland) and HackCon (Norway) as well as other numerous conferences. Michael is a licensed amateur radio operator and an active member of the Church of WiFi. He lives in Maryland with his wife and four children.

Thank you
Black Hat Team

Black Hat Webcast Series Calendar:
Here is a listing of the currently scheduled upcoming webcast topics:

• April 2010: Windows 7 Security
• June 2010: Black Hat 2010 USA Preview
• August 2010: Black Hat 2010 USA Wrap Up
• September 2010: Expanding Compliance Into Critical Infrastructure
• October 2010: Building the Best Free HUD



Conference Tracks and Keynotes Announced and a Savings

Enterprise 2.0 Conference :: June 14-17, 2009 Boston

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E2 Boston 2010 Sponsors

New Boston 2010 Announcements: Keynotes, Track Themes and Chairs

Dear Eduardo,

Every year, Enterprise 2.0 Conference brings together those looking to unlock new business value by rethinking their enterprise application strategies.

This year's Conference agenda will cover the entire Enterprise 2.0 lifecycle with new themed tracks focusing on the key components of a comprehensive strategy. Join us and learn how to drive real business value by discovering better ways to communicate, optimizing agility, accelerating business intelligence and increasing transparency through social and collaborative business applications.

New Track Themes and Chairs
The Track Chairs for Enterprise 2.0 Conference Boston 2010 will shape the content program around these conference tracks:

Set Your Enterprise 2.0 Strategy ? Identify Business Value for Your Needs and Cut Through the Hype
? Track Chairs: Sameer Patel (Partner, Sovos Group and Blogger, PretzelLogic.org) and Oliver Marks (Partner, Sovos Group and Blogger, ZDNet Collaboration 2.0)

Social Business Applications and Platforms
? Track Chairs: Mike Gotta (Principal Analyst, Burton Group) and Tony Byrne (Founder, CMS Watch)

Using Search to Tame Complexity and Discover Opportunity
? Track Chair: Larry Cannell (Analyst, Collaboration and Content Strategies, Burton Group)

Socializing With Video: How Emerging Video Applications Will Impact Enterprise Collaboration
? Track Chair: Irwin Lazar (Vice President, Communications Research, Nemertes Research)

Integrating Social Media & Community Approaches
? Track Chairs: Mike Gotta (Principal Analyst, Burton Group) and Rachel Happe (Principal & Co-Founder, The Community Roundtable)

Delivery Strategies: Deploying, Connecting and Mobilizing
? Track Chairs: Alistair Croll (Co-Founder, BitCurrent),
Vanessa Alvarez (Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan) and Philippe Winthrop (Wannabe Guru)

Adoption in the Enterprise for Practitioners
? Susan Scrupski (Principal and Founder, 2.0 Adoption Council)

Save 30% on On-Site Pricing Before March 19
Combine the promo code CNQLEB16 with our early pricing discount before March 19 to receive a full 30% off our on-site pricing or to get a Free Expo Pass. That's a savings of up to $750 on a Full Conference pass! Register today.

Five New Keynotes Added to the Agenda
We are still hard at work finalizing the keynote lineup and the program is shaping up to be our best yet. Industry experts joining us on the main stage will include:
Eugene Lee
Eugene Lee
CEO, Socialtext
Andrew McAfee
Andrew McAfee
Principal Research
Scientist, Center for
Digital Business,
MIT Sloan School
of Management
JP Rangaswami
JP Rangaswami
CIO and Chief Scientist, BT Design
Murali Sitaram
Murali Sitaram
Vice President and
General Manager,
Cisco's Enterprise
Collaboration Platform
Gentry Underwood
Gentry Underwood

Sponsorship Opportunities Available
By participating in Enterprise 2.0 Conference your company will see increased engagement with an active and influential Enterprise 2.0 community focused on researching and acquiring the latest products and solutions. For more information about sponsorship opportunities please contact Rob Koziura at 415.947.6111.


The Enterprise 2.0 Conference Team


Ads pay per click Chitika Faq of premium services

A couple of days ago we announced the upcoming release of Chitika | Select, an upgrade to Premium ads.  We are elated that most of you are looking forward to this upgrade as it will bring a revenue increase by displaying ads to more than just your search traffic.

After hearing your feedback, we have put together some answers to your top questions:

So on Monday, am I suddenly going to be showing a ton of different/strange ads on my site?

No – not at all.  We will be gradually rolling this out, starting with a very small amount of additional "Select" impressions.  As we gather more feedback and performance data, we will increase the amount of additional "Select" impressions that we show.


Why is this an opt-out instead of an opt-in?

Simply due to your feedback.  Ever since we launched Chitika | Premium 2 years ago, 90% of publisher feedback has been that you love how we monetize search traffic, but you want to also earn money from the rest of your traffic too.  Since the vast majority of you want to be able to do this, we are automatically turning it on. To give you some idea: Google shows ads for 100% of your traffic. Chitika currently shows ads for less than 30% of your traffic (about 60% of US traffic across our network). Given the huge available opportunity – this was a no-brainer that a lot of our publishers are asking for. However, in all this — please note that our core philosophy of not bombarding the user with ads still remains. We will only show ads when we really believe that the user will benefit from them — the rest of them time, the ads will continue to collapse.

For publishers who DO NOT want this new functionality, it is very easy to opt-out.  Just login to your Chitika account and go to the "My Account" tab.  The opt-out is at the bottom of the page.  [Update: We will be giving you multiple levels of control -- so you can opt-out/opt-in at an account level, or only for certain ad units.  See how to do this below.]


How does Chitika | Select choose when and when not to show an ad?

We determine when (and when NOT to) show an ad by using our new click-prediction technology. What is click-prediction technology, you ask? We have been conducting
HUGE amounts of research over the past 1 year which allows us tremendous amount of insight into how users interact with ads. For example, did you know that IE users are twice as likely to click on an ad as FireFox users? These types of statistical studies are the core of this new predictive technology. This type of analysis is common in other industries such as insurance, credit cards, etc., and now Chitika is bringing that to online advertising. [Note: This new click prediction technology has been running on select publishers on parts of our UK traffic for the last 3 months -- the results have been outstanding]


Your premium ads look at the search terms used to arrive on the site – as a result you get really relevant results- what about Select, how will we know the ads are something I want on my site and/or relevant?

The Chitika | Select ads may or may not be relevant to your content – however you can be SURE that they are relevant to the user.  Remember – the Chitika | Select technology will determine the likelihood of whether an ad is a good match for that user or not.  This is how we are able to command a high eCPM – by selectively showing ads when we know that they have some value for the user.  Remember: For these new ads, what YOU see might be a lot different than what your READERS are seeing (this is similar to the "interest based" ads on Google Adsense — its targeted to each user). However, since they are targeted to the user — they command higher CPMs than untargeted ads.


What do you mean by "Image ads"?  What do these look like?

Just like Google AdSense's image ads, these will be high-quality graphic/banner ads from major brand name advertisers.  We will only choose to show graphic/banner ads if they command high CPMs.  These are the same ads that run on top ComScore 500 publishers' sites.


I do not want image/graphic ads on my site!  But I do want to use Chitika | Select – is that possible?

Yes – in the opt-out section, you can keep Chitika | Select switched on, but opt-out of the image ads part of the service. Our goal here is to give you the options and the controls. We understand that no single size fits all.


Can I see a breakdown showing my earnings from search (Premium) vs. my earnings from non-search (Select) traffic?

Yes.  You will be able to run reports on this that separate the 2 types of ads that are showing – this will give you an accurate read on how well each type of ad is performing for you.


Can I keep my search-only ads where they are, but add new placements for the Select ads?

Yes.  If you want to use both the current Chitika | Premum ads and Chitika | Select, you should opt-out of Chitika | Select, and then you can just add this line of code into your new ads which will enable them for Select:
ch_select = "enabled";

Or vice versa – if you want to turn all of your existing ads into Chitika | Select, but then keep 1 or 2 ad Premium, you should stay opted-in to the new Chitika | Select service.  Then you can add this line of code to the 1 or 2 ads that you want to show to search-only:
ch_select = "disabled";


What if I am using an Alternate Ad to show to my non-search traffic?

Your Alternate Ad will continue to function just like it did before.  However, Chitika | Select ads will override it whenever we feel that we can earn an eCPM yield that is similar to or greater than what you are earning on your search traffic.


Can I be assured that only family-friendly ads are displayed?

Just like Chitika | Premium ads, we do our very best to ensure that our ads are family friendly. We do not allow adult advertisers or do business with adult advertisers. Period. These ads are filtered by multiple parties using various filtering tools.  Again – all of these ads are sourced from major brand advertisers and are shown on top ComScore 500 sites, so there is little room for error.

In the rare case that an ad would somehow slip through this, you are able to block ads by merchant and keyword from your "My Account" tab in your Chitika account.  Also, you can submit any offending advertiser URL's to our customer support team and we will have them removed immediately.


What about traffic outside the US and Canada?

Stay tuned!  With Chitika | Select technology we will be incorporating lots of new advertising partners, and we will be able to open up to more than just US and Canada traffic.  This will begin to happen slowly and ramp up as we continue to roll the service out.

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