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Affiliate travel sites increase your income with tis tips

Discover how to get more from your affiliate website
We know how difficult it is to run an affiliate website and rank well on search engines, using just EAN's data feeds to create your pages won't get you to the top positions.
  You need to optimize the content and increase your site's link portfolio before you can be at number 1. follow these tips to optimize your pages
Get Original compelling content You need to enhance the date we provide with your own original content, having good compelling content not only will help your site rank better but will also improve your conversion rate and revenue generated from your site.If you don't have the means to generate extra content try outsourcing it to our recommended copy writing vendor at the end of this newsletter.
Be Original, Shuffle Data Fields Displaying content just as we present it in our database will get you nowhere, everyone does the same, shuffle the fields so your site looks original, analyse your traffic and see what they are more interested in and present that content first. It's a good idea to also interlace data with other suppliers' content such as Google Maps, weather widgets, photos, etc.
Improve your link portfolio According to SEOmoz.org at least 65% of the factor responsible of a certain page's rankings are related to who links to your pages and how they do it. Make sure you get good quality links pointing to your pages that are using different variations of keywords to do so. If you need help acquiring new links for your site you'll also find a company that can help you with this at the end of this email.
Integration Guide
We have multiple options available for integrating your site or blog with our affiliate solutions, from the flexible XML solution to our simplest one which is to create a white label site. 

  If you are still lost and you haven't been able to get your affiliate site going download our newest integration guide where we have created a new site (ExampleTravel.com) from zero and integrated it with our white label solution in a matter of a few hours.

Now there is no excuse for not starting your own travel site and start earning commissions from it.

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