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Email Marketin Seminar challenging new technologies Messaging and design

Top 10 Vital Factors for Email Marketing Success:
How to Generate Results in a Tough Economy

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
10:00 AM Pacific Time / 1:00 PM Eastern Time

Email continues to be a powerful staple even in the current recession–affected marketing world. It's still the foundation of any successful online marketing effort. Without effective email marketing, a company's entire online marketing strategy can crumble like a house of cards.

Today, there is a complicated landscape of shifting customer expectations, challenging new technologies, evolving government regulations and other issues that old-school email marketers never had to face. How do savvy marketers navigate all of this and keep pace with their competition in a rapidly changing multimedia marketing environment?

The key is staying current in online marketing best practices — and understanding how to employ them consistently in an evolving environment. In this free one-hour Webinar, email marketing expert, Andrea Scarnecchia, will share today's top 10 vital factors for getting the most out of your email marketing campaigns now.

You'll walk away from this valuable Webinar with actionable next steps to help you develop and maintain exceptional email campaigns that produce results and support your entire marketing mix. We'll discuss the top 10 most critical elements and how to put them into action. We break them down into three digestible categories:

  1. List building and maintenance – How to continuously build, nurture and maintain an effective opt-in list when faced with the challenges of a churn rate of up to 30%.
  2. Messaging and design – Developing email campaigns that create relevance, encourage engagement, render well across various email clients and mobile devices, and generate measurable results.
  3. Deliverability – Staying on top of best practices and legal requirements so your email messages are delivered to the inbox every time.

This free Webinar is designed for email and online marketers of all kinds, from novice to seasoned veterans. You'll walk away with actionable knowledge that will leave you better armed to compete.

As a special bonus, all Webinar attendees will receive the free companion guide: 25 Essentials for Exceptional Email Campaigns. It's an actionable guide full of best practices and how-to's that will help you quickly take action on what you've learned in the Webinar, and it's a perfect complement to the Webinar presentation. This guide also includes links to other free guides to give you an extra boost as you improve and maintain exceptional email campaigns.

Andrea Scarnecchia
Vice President of Marketing, Lyris Inc.

Andrea is the Vice President of Marketing at Lyris where she is responsible for delivering measurable results from email and online marketing campaigns, and advising others on how to do the same. Andrea has over 20 years of marketing leadership experience and has held senior marketing management positions at Tilia, Broderbund, Disney, Sega, Supercuts and Clorox.



How can service providers re-assert themselves in the Mobile Internet

  The squeeze is on for service providers as the Mobile Internet is opening. Big brands are building direct relationships with consumers.

So�what strategies should service providers pursue before they find themselves squeezed out of the value chain?

Amdocs Interactive conducted extensive research last year around how service providers can profitably monetize the Mobile Internet while protecting their market share. We found that service providers could unlock lots of value from their networks, business systems and distribution channels that could lift content revenues by 50% and preserve their leadership position in the value chain.
  Amdocs > Customer Experience Systems Innovation  

Archieve more using the new enhancements to FrameMaker 9 software

Using the new enhancements to FrameMaker 9 software, your structured migration can be a seamless and a cost effective move.
As your company transitions from unstructured documentation to structured XML, you still need to develop and deliver content, using traditional tools if necessary, even as you learn new ones. FrameMaker 9 software makes your task easier, by adding a host of new features to the environment you are already familiar with:
Full support for DITA 1.1 and 1.2 - so you can add bookmaps, indexes, and glossaries, and create compelling learning content
Intuitive interface - with enhancements that include pods, toolbars, tabbed windows and dockable panels
Improved book handling - with mixed hierarchical books that include XML and DITA files, folders, groups, and child books at multiple sublevels
PDF-based review workflows - with seamless incorporation of feedback
Multiple output formats - XML, PDF, XHTML, digital master - all to facilitate content reuse
Don't just take our word for it
"[… PDF Reviews] may be the biggest feature to this release. Then
Try the full functionality of the entire Adobe Technical Communication Suite, including tutorials, in minutes and without downloading the software.
Buy ..... US$ 999
Upgrade ..... US$ 399
Webinar on unstructured to structured migration
View now
when you add in the improved book handling, the complete DITA handling, CMS support and the CMYK, this is a really a must-have update and therefore I highly recommend this product."
- Tom Testi
Read Full Review

informative eSeminar 5 Proven Marketing Strategies

Top 5 Proven Marketing Strategies of Profitable MSPs
May 4, 2010
2:00 p.m. Eastern / 11:00 a.m. Pacific
Duration: 60 Minutes

Joins us for an informative eSeminar and learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes that 97% of all MSPs make when marketing managed services that devalue what they are selling and turn off new prospects.

Come and learn how to get top dollar for your services and stop competing on price. We'll also discuss the most effective ways of turning your customers into managed services clients and quickly and easily securing new contracts.

Don't miss it! And bring your questions for the live Q&A session!


Deliver Efficient Data and Application Protection

Virtualize without Compromise
Apr 29, 2010
4:00 p.m. Eastern / 1:00 p.m. Pacific
Duration: 60 Minutes

Storage and data protection are crucial to your virtualization strategy, but traditional disk systems and backup tools often fail in virtual environments. That's where Syncsort and NetApp and can help.

Attend this webinar to learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of virtual machine storage and data protection and how you can prepare yourself for a successful virtualization project.

Key Takeaways:
Understand the pitfalls of traditional storage and data protection models and how they impact costs
How to deliver previously unattainable value to the bottom line results of your business through increased hardware and operational efficiencies
How to increase productivity of a limited workforce, while reducing capital expenditures, through an integrated approach to storage and data protection

How to Make Remote Access Work Connect Home to office

Understanding the Economics of Remote Access
May 6, 2010
2:00 p.m. Eastern / 11:00 a.m. Pacific
Duration: 60 Minutes

Join us for an informative eSeminar and learn the best way to incorporate secure, reliable remote access into your organization.

Remote access is fast becoming an essential component in the modern workplace. Come hear about the market trends in software as a service and get the information you need to understand how to make remote access work at your organization.

Join us and learn:
  • What to consider when thinking about remote access costs
  • How an enterprise remote access solution compares with a virtual private network
  • What total cost of ownership would be


42 Blog Post Ideas Merketing news

The Challenge Has Begun!
Last Tuesday the contestants of our Ebusiness Rising Star Challenge received their exclusive "Extreme Etool Kit" -- and since then they have been busy using the tools and training provided to build their own successful online businesses completely from scratch.

... And remember, the first one to complete the Challenge tasks and ring in their first sale will be crowned our Ebusiness Rising Star -- and will win $10,000 of online business building help from our entire team of online business building experts!

We'll keep you updated on their progress in the weeks to come, so you can discover exactly how easy it can be to build your own online business -- when you have the right tools and resources at your disposal.

You Can Get Your Hands On Their "Secret Weapon"
If you didn't act fast enough to enter our Challenge, don't worry. You can still get your hands on the "secret weapon" the Challenge contestants are using to build their own unique money-making website at a fraction of the time and cost it usually takes to set up an online business.

The Extreme Etool Kit is the equivalent of a copywriter, a web designer, an SEO expert, a computer programmer, AND a marketing consultant all in one package. With this kind of power at your disposal, you can have your own profitable online business that's making steady sales in just a few months.

To claim your Extreme Etool Kit -- and get your hands on the most comprehensive suite of online business building software and resources available on the Internet today -- just go to:


Anyone who uses these tools and completes the tasks outlined in the Extreme Etool Kit is guaranteed to make a sale. In fact, if you don't make a sale after completing all of the activities we will give you double your money back.

So there is no risk involved... and no reason why you shouldn't embark on your own personal challenge today!

42 Blog Post Ideas You Can Outright Steal
In this month's issue of StartUp, we explained how exactly how to use a blog to turn your site into a content-driven visitor magnet the search engines will love.

(We also described how you should optimize your blog to make sure that every blog post you write appears near the top of the search results, so you can unleash powerful new channels of visitors to your site.)

Since the issue went out last week, we have received a flurry of emails from people who say they understand the value of having a blog on their site -- but they just don't know what to write about.

If you're in the same boat -- you want to start a blog but you don't know what do write about, we're here to help you out.

Here is our list of 42 Blog Post Ideas You Can Outright Steal!
Helpful how-to tips related to your product

Reviews for products you don't sell but you know would appeal to your audience

Explain why you are so passionate about your business

Explain how you got into the business in the first place

What inspired you to take the jump into small business?

Describe a day in the life of your business

Share a photo or video "walking tour" of your business

Describe your customer service philosophy

Share Testimonials you get from your customers

Offer product tutorials, either for your product or other ones your customers use

3 things you love about the current state of your industry

3 things you wish you could change about the current state of your industry

What will the future of your industry be like -- and how should people prepare for it?

What famous people have currently been associated with your industry lately?

The 25 best online resources for people in your industry

Review other blogs related to your industry

Review an online magazine related to your industry

Review print publications related to your industry

Debunk the top myths that are currently floating around about your industry

Go to a trade fair or conference and then write reports about it

Take a stand on a controversial issue related to your industry

Identify the most prominent experts in your industry, explain why they're famous or important

Disagree with a well-known authority in your industry and list reasons why they're wrong

Post about the best things you've read online in the past week (related to your industry)

Answer FAQs you get from your customers

Admit mistakes! If you've done something wrong in the course of building your business, share that information and explain how you dealt with it. People love learning from others' mistakes

Create a list of "best practices" for businesses in your industry

Write a blog comparing what your industry is like now to what it was 20 or 30 years ago

Post a "Test Your Knowledge" quiz and give readers a chance to interact

Make a list of "must-have" free resources your audience will appreciate

Ask a question of your followers on Twitter and then blog about the best answers you got

Sign up for Google Alerts on topics related to your industry -- then blog about breaking news stories

Find out which of your blog posts is most popular, then blog about it

Get involved in a discussion on another blog or forum and then write up a summary about it on your own blog

Post weekly or monthly wrap-ups about what you accomplished with your business

Offer a case study of how someone has successfully used your product or solved a common problem

Run a poll on a controversial issue and then discuss the results

Interview key people in your industry

Reveal a generally unknown secret in your industry

Create a list of books everyone in your industry should read

Run a contest, offering a free product sample or service for the winner. Then ask them to comment about what they thought of it -- and make that its own blog post as well

Make a list of 42 blogging ideas specifically for your industry :-)
Remember, when you write for a business blog you have to provide VALUE to your readers. If you offer them useful, interesting information they will love you for it -- and when the time comes for them to make a purchase, your site will be the first one they think of.

Government IT professional Expo Conference Washington convention center

Gov 2.0 Expo :: May 25-27, 2010 :: Washington Convention Center :: Washington D.C.

We know that today�s government IT professional is constrained by budgets and time. That�s why we�ve put together our low cost Expo Hall Plus package. An Expo Hall Plus pass allows you to choose the two conference sessions that you want to attend the most at a fraction of the price and time commitment of a full conference pass.

Additional Savings on Conference Passes
If you�d like a full conference pass, register today using discount code gxp10emp79 and we�ll take an additional 25% off the early rate.

Conference Tracks
Open Data and Web Services
Social Networks and Collaboration
Agile Government
Cloud Computing and Security
Emerging Technologies

Still No Room in the Budget?
Then join us on a free Expo Hall pass for all keynotes, sponsored sessions, Birds of a Feather Sessions, and the Expo Hall. Simply use discount code gxp10emx1 during the registration process.

The Gov 2.0 Expo Experience
Three days of workshops, keynotes, and sessions that showcase the most compelling stories and case studies about the ideas and projects driving government efficiency and citizen participation right now

An Expo Hall that offers the broadest range of exhibitors demonstrating the newest advances in virtualization, cloud computing, security, mobility and data center management

A vendor-neutral environment for public servants, government evangelists, and private sector innovators to network and collaborate

A launch pad for the newest industry standards, advances, and emerging professions in the Gov 2.0 landscape

Gov 2.0 Expo
May 25�27th, 2010
Walter E. Washington Convention Center

Register now and save

Speakers include: Tim Berners-Lee, Linda Cureton, Anil Dash, Mary Davie, Alec Ross, and Sonal Shah
Gov 2.0 Events on Twitter
Join Gov 2.0 Events on Facebook
Gov 2.0 Events LinkedIn Group
Gov 2.0 Events GovLoop Group

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nextgov logo
Web Conferencing 2010: Making The Right Decision for Bottom Line Benefits
Apr 23, 2010
1:00 p.m. Eastern / 10:00 a.m. Pacific
Duration: 60 Minutes

Join us for a valuable eSeminar and learn how online conferencing - web, video, and voice - can turn your organization's tired travelers into more effective workers, and save money.

These days, organizations like yours have remote workers, geographically diverse teams, and the need to interact with partners and customers in a rich, productive environment, regardless of distance. Come hear how your company can find the right solution to help connect this growing labyrinth while keeping travel expenditures under control.

Join us and learn about:
  • Big benefits you can expect
  • How online collaboration and web conferencing can save your organization money
  • Recent trends driving web conferencing
  • Pitfalls to avoid and tools to ease your deployment

Register and Attend
For A Chance To Win

$250 Amazon Gift Card

Kevin DeMers
Sr. Manager, Unified Communications
Michael Krieger
Market Expert
Ziff Davis Enterprise

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