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Archieve more using the new enhancements to FrameMaker 9 software

Using the new enhancements to FrameMaker 9 software, your structured migration can be a seamless and a cost effective move.
As your company transitions from unstructured documentation to structured XML, you still need to develop and deliver content, using traditional tools if necessary, even as you learn new ones. FrameMaker 9 software makes your task easier, by adding a host of new features to the environment you are already familiar with:
Full support for DITA 1.1 and 1.2 - so you can add bookmaps, indexes, and glossaries, and create compelling learning content
Intuitive interface - with enhancements that include pods, toolbars, tabbed windows and dockable panels
Improved book handling - with mixed hierarchical books that include XML and DITA files, folders, groups, and child books at multiple sublevels
PDF-based review workflows - with seamless incorporation of feedback
Multiple output formats - XML, PDF, XHTML, digital master - all to facilitate content reuse
Don't just take our word for it
"[… PDF Reviews] may be the biggest feature to this release. Then
Try the full functionality of the entire Adobe Technical Communication Suite, including tutorials, in minutes and without downloading the software.
Buy ..... US$ 999
Upgrade ..... US$ 399
Webinar on unstructured to structured migration
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when you add in the improved book handling, the complete DITA handling, CMS support and the CMYK, this is a really a must-have update and therefore I highly recommend this product."
- Tom Testi
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