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Chitika Research: Whats The Top Spot on Google Worth

Chitika.com Newsletter
Chitika Research: What's The Top Spot on Google Worth?

Chitika Research has been in the news a lot lately with its insights on Internet trends. Here's a few examples:

Almost half of all Internet users are already using HTML5-compatible browsers. On Chitika's network, Firefox (version 3.5 and higher) is the most popular of these HTML5-compatible browsers, followed by Chrome and Safari.

"Obviously, everyone knows that the #1 spot on Google is where you want to be," says Chitika research director Daniel Ruby. "It's just kind of shocking to look at the numbers and see just how important it is, and how much of a jump there is from 2 to 1."

There are cracks in Google's armor, and if Microsoft plays its cards right, they can hit the search market, and hit it hard

Apple may be enjoying strong initial sales for the iPad--the company did sell 1 million units in the 28 days after it launched the device, after all. But one report suggests that Apple could be reaping another benefit from the iPad's early popularity in the form of increased market share for the Mac OS.

Ad requests from Android devices in North America are about half those from iPhones. In other words, iPhone is on top 2-to-1.

Chitika launches Mega Unit Jr.
People love the Mega Unit, but for some, it's just... too big. We've heard your voices - "give us a thinner Mega Unit, we want it but it's too wide!" Well, meet the newest Chitika ad unit, the Mega Unit... Jr. Jr. comes in at a very slim 468x250, while retaining the Mega Unit's huge clickable area. So if you were one of the many who wanted a not-quite-so Mega Unit, check out Jr.

Case Studies
The first month alone of implementing the mega units saw an increase of 450% in revenues – and that was only for a handful of our pages!

Read the Full Case Study

I just wanted to reach out again and tell you how pleased I am with Chitika. The revenue has really been strong. The best part is there is no erosion of AdSense. My biggest mistake is not listening to you sooner. That cost me about $25,000. And you can quote me on that.

Tim Carter AsktheBuilder.com

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