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iPad & iPhone support coming soon

If you have been paying attention to the excited chatter about the iPad, then you have probably know that one of discussed issues is how the internet will look on the iPad without Flash.

Well one thing is for sure - SlideShare will look snazzy. It's still being tinkered with, and is in beta, but we expect SlideShare to be iPad friendly soon.

To check out the Beta, just click on a presentation link - give us feedback - tell us what you would like.

Rest assure, SlideShare will go everywhere you want to take your presentations.


Webinar: How To Promote your Business on SlideShare

If you are a small business or a big brand using SlideShare - then we have the webinar for you! On April 22nd, at 9 AM PST, we are holding a webinar on promoting your business on SlideShare.

Did you know that a majority of SlideShare users identify as business decision makers? Or how to best promote your brand and content? Our webinar will show you how to tap into the the world's largest professional sharing community. Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Use SlideShare's free features effectively
  • Check out custom-branded Channels
  • Learn how to capture leads using LeadShare and use AdShare to get contextual views
  • Discuss other ways to reach SlideShare community for your next campaign


    The Most Viral B2B Report Ever

    Hats off to Jeremiah Owyang: you've finally cracked the code on making stuffy B2B reports go viral. When you hear that something's gone viral, you usually think of a YouTube video about a baby or a cat or the occasional sneezing panda. But the Altimeter Group's Social CRM report is anything but that. It's a full fledged document with a table of contents, bibliography and over 30,000 views in a month.

    At SlideShare, we think it's the beginning of an era where B2B companies and analyst firms share content freely and get viral. Obviously, there's a huge appetite for it on SlideShare. So if you have a B2B report, then try sharing it freely.

    (Thanks for Andy Sernovitz for inspiring this section title).

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