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Tips to Make Your Emails More Interactive

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Martin Lieberman, Managing Editor, Constant Contact

Hi there!

I hope you're enjoying your summer so far.

An important email marketing best practice is making your messages two-way communications vehicles, and not just pushing out information with no way for your readers to reply or comment. In this month's issue of Hints & Tips, we'll suggest some ways to make your email messages more interactive communications.

One suggestion is to include a link to a survey, so with that in mind, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the issue. Please click here to answer some quick questions about how helpful the four articles were.

Till next time, I wish you much success.

Martin Lieberman
Managing Editor

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Making Email a Two-way Communication

5 Ways to Maximize Attendence at Your Next Event

Success Story: Going Beyond the Airwaves

Success Story: Striking a Pose


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Making Email a Two-way Communication

How to use your messages to increase your interaction with subscribers

Amy Tinsley, Regional Development Director, Houston
Are your subscribers interacting with your email campaigns? Yes, you can look at open and click-through rates to see if people are reading and clicking, but how do you know if your readers are truly engaged?

Good email marketing (and marketing in general) means there's a two-way communication process happening between an organization and its customers and members. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do within your email campaigns that can convert them from one-way streets (where you're just sending out information with nothing coming back in return) into two-way communication vehicles.

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5 Ways to Maximize Attendence at Your Next Event

Drive registrations and attendance through email and social media marketing

Erik Mintz, Constant Contact Director of Event MarketingWith any event, be it a class, seminar, open house, fundraising gala, or something in between, the ultimate goal is to get as many people as possible to attend. There's no point in planning a free or fee-based event if no one shows up.

To get the most out of your event efforts, we give you ways to maximize registration and increase attendance.

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Going Beyond the Airwaves

This public radio station uses Email Marketing to connect with listeners and donors
WUWM 89.7FM Milwaukee Public Radio
List Size: 9,476 Open Rate: 26%
Website: www.wuwm.com

ScreenshotMilwaukee Public Radio (WUWM 89.7FM), which is operated by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, is one of four public radio stations in the greater Milwaukee area that are vying for listeners and donors. WUWM features news during the day and music in the evenings. To keep the 100,000 weekly listeners engaged and stay top of mind, the station's marketing and membership teams use a combination of email marketing and social media to connect with the community.

As with all nonprofit public radio stations, WUWM relies on listener and corporate donations to fund operations. "Fundraising is key for us," says Cynthia Akey, Marketing Specialist at the station. "Our goal is to build the audience and convert them into donors."

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Striking a Pose

This yoga studio uses Event Marketing to fill workshops
Breathing Time Yoga
List Size: 1,814  
Website: www.breathingtimeyoga.com

ScreenshotFor a small yoga studio like Breathing Time Yoga in Pawtucket, R.I., getting classes and workshops filled in an efficient and timely manner are the keys to keeping instructors happy and the business running smoothly. But with some 20 regularly scheduled classes and up to three special workshops each month, and just a tiny office staff, that can be a tough task.

Breathing Time Yoga owner Karen Lee has been sending out bi-weekly email newsletters filled with class and workshop schedules for more than five years. And while regular classes have open enrollments — meaning students can show up at the appointed time without registering — specialty workshops including yoga for back care, yoga for mom and baby, and yoga for runners require registration and payment in advance.

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