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How to Save MONEY on AdWords PPc CAMPAIGN

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Hello Subscriber, in this issue you will find... Date: October 28, 2010
» How to Save $100,000 a Year on AdWords in Ten Minutes or Less
» Closing the Attribution Gap with AdWords Search Funnels

The Importance of Goals and Metrics in Social Media Marketing

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How to Save $100,000 a Year on AdWords in Ten Minutes or Less
By David Rodnitzky, Founder, PPC Associates

Google makes it really easy to start running PPC campaigns on AdWords. Running a well-optimized campaign, however, is another story altogether. Without knowledge of the nuances of AdWords, a novice can end up losing a ton of money very quickly on their SEM campaigns.

              Five Quick Ways to Adjust Your AdWords Account and Save Big Money

              1. Don't Heed Google's "Recommended Settings". Google wants to run your ads as broadly as

              2. Move Away from Broad Match as Quickly as Possible. Google has four match-types – broad,
              broad modified, phrase, and exact…

              3. Add Lots of Negative Keywords. Negative keywords are the opposite of a normal keyword…
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Closing the Attribution Gap with AdWords Search Funnels
By Leisa Hall, Account Director, Anvil Media, Inc

Google AdWords recently fully launched a reporting feature called Search Funnels. For advertisers that utilize AdWords Conversion Tracking, Search Funnels reports are now available to provide critical insights in to the search 'funnel' that searchers travel down before ultimately performing a conversion action. This is a huge win for marketers, who will now have more insight in to the attribution of their paid search campaigns.
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The Importance of Goals and Metrics in Social Media Marketing
By Jason Mikula, Freelance Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing Consultant

Internet marketers already familiar with search engine optimization and pay per click marketing know the importance of analytics, metrics, key performance indicators, and so on. Analytics can (and should) play an important role in your social media marketing strategy. If you're not setting goals, tracking metrics, and analyzing performance, how can you tell if you're succeeding?
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