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In this week's issue of Small Business Technology:

1. Trend Micro vs. McAfee vs. Symantec - Which Anti-Virus Solution is Best? 
Server and desktop virtualization are essential elements of any IT strategy that seeks to decrease capital and operational expenditures. In the rush to implement virtualization technologies, many organizations simply deploy the same anti-virus solution that is in use on their physical server and desktop systems.
Read this free report and learn how the top anti-virus solutions from Trend Micro, Symantec and McAfee compare, and which one you should be adopting.
2. Video Conferencing Comparison Chart – Easily Compare the Top 5 Brands 
Video conferencing systems can differ greatly between the vendors, and determining which solution fits your business can be a challenging task.
Download this free chart, which compares the major aspects of video conferencing systems including:
System compatibility
Ease of use
3. Small Business IT Efficiency Guide - Supercharge Your IT Staff of One 
The IT function in SMBs suffers many of the same issues as those in
larger organization, just on a smaller scale. The employee tasked with
managing and supporting all the IT infrastructure in a small business is
usually a generalist focusing on applications and storage is often an
afterthought. However; with the proliferation of massive data growth across
all organizations, small businesses find themselves needing a storage expert.
There is a way to enable your IT staff of one to perform like a storage
superstar and keep your IT department slick and efficient - 

4. Are You Adequately Prepared for a Disaster - Survey Findings Report 
SMBs are at risk for disasters that can cause significant amounts of downtime. But many small and medium businesses are not taking the appropriate precautions. Survey results demonstrate that only half (50 percent) responded that they already have a plan in place.
Read this free report and learn more about the risks that many SMBs are unwittingly taking, how this lack of preparation can make a major impact on their business, and the steps you can take to prepare.
5. Instantly Lockdown USB Devices - IT Download  
You need to look no further than recent headlines to see that today's data protection solutions are incomplete. Management and control of USB devices and removable media minimizes the risk of data loss.
You have a broad range of users to support across multiple locations with each having different needs.  What desktop management solution can you use to help minimize costs, provide maximum security, and give you the flexibility and control to manage your IT environment? Protect your data with Desktop Authority USB & Port Security. 

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