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Complimentary Guide to Email Twitter Facebook marketing

Complimentary Marketing Guide
  Email + Twitter + Facebook:
22 Tips to Cross-Channel Success
  Download the Complimentary Guide >  
 Facebook et Twitter + Mobile + Email
Download the Guide >
Leverage the power of email plus social:
Today, one in every nine people on earth is a Facebook user, Twitter generates 190 million tweets per day and more than 107 trillion emails were sent last year. If you?re not engaging your customers via social channels as well as through email, you?re not reaching your audience where it lives, works and plays.

Cross-channel marketing pulls it all together:
This guide highlights key takeaways for marketers on why cross-channel marketing makes good business sense, and outlines tips and techniques for aligning Email, Twitter and Facebook to deliver value and drive measurable revenue growth.

Learn how:
  ?  Starting with a simple subject line can launch a powerful 3-pronged campaign
  ?  Subscriber list size grew 3X when appliance retailer Dacor used social promotions
  ?  Revenue grew 5X when retailer JOY the Store tied segmentation with social
  ?  You can drive core metrics: list growth, brand awareness and increased revenue

Download the Complimentary Guide >

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