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Comparing and Contrasting Contact Center Essentials

Business Process Management
Best Practices for Evaluating a New Contact Center Solution
October 30, 2012
Sponsored by:
Interactive Intelligence

October 30, 2012
11:30 am ET / 8:30 am PT
Duration: 60 minutes

Industry analysts and experts have defined methodologies for evaluating and selecting a contact center solution that will best match the needs of your business. Insight into these best practices can save you money and help ensure you're making the best choice. During this web event, sponsored by Interactive Intelligence, some of the contact center industry's foremost authorities will share recommendations that will help you in your selection process — whether you are considering a contact technology refresh or adding applications.

>From the web event, you'll leave with eight practical evaluation recommendations that have proven effective over thousands of engagements. Additionally, the analysts will respond to questions in a talk-show format moderated by Interactive Intelligence CMO, Joe Staples. Each attendee will also receive published research from the analyst firms comparing leading vendor's strengths and weaknesses.


Corporate Legal Exposure and the Cloud

Cloud Computing
Corporate Legal Exposure and the Cloud
October 30, 2012
Sponsored by:
October 30, 2012
2:00 pm ET / 11:00 am PT
Duration: 60 minutes

Cloud Computing as a general term encompasses many new technologies. But that is not to say that significant pre-existing Laws and International Legal Concepts are not applicable to it. That application can produce significant commercial advantage for the informed; but also a tremendous loss of revenue, goodwill and reputation for the ill-informed. Cloud Computing Law cannot be ignored or avoided. Compliance with it is the only way forward for organizations — whether they are Cloud Services Users, Providers or Developers.

Join SAP and world leading legal authority, Dr. Brian Bandey, to learn exactly what Cloud Computing Law is and how it works. Discover what Laws are relevant and how they apply across the world — from US to EU to APAC. In addition, understand the risks involved and be informed how those risks are to be avoided in a fashion that is both accessible and focused on real Cloud technologies and real-life situations.


Dr. Brian Bandey
Information Technology Law – Expert
Eric Farrar
Senior Software Product Manager – SAP
Salvatore Salamone
Executive Editor, Strategic Content – Ziff Davis Enterprise

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