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Keeping Your Guard Up Against Serious Drive-by Malware Threats

Data Security eSeminar
Your Money or Your File!
Highway Robbery with Blackhole and Ransomware
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Drive-by downloads – attacks that exploit a user's browser to distribute malware and steal data – are nothing new. But today's most popular drive-by malware, called Blackhole, is highly sophisticated. As an IT professional, you need to understand how cybercriminals use the Blackhole crimeware kit to attack your employees with rootkits and ransomware.

Join Richard Wang, Manager of SophosLabs, U.S., to learn how hackers are using Blackhole to compromise your organization's security. Richard will discuss:
  • How these threats work – from compromised site to infection
  • How crimeware kits are developed, bought and sold
  • The money behind rootkits and ransomware
  • Protecting against these types of attacks

Richard Wang
Manager of SophosLabs, U.S

James Hilliard
President, Hilly Productions

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