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Build a Windows 8 App in 15 Minutes or Less

Windows 8 is here. Even if you don't plan to build Windows 8 applications immediately, you should learn what it takes to build Windows 8 applications. You'll see how Windows 8 development relates to existing development from those using Microsoft or competing technologies.

You'll learn what is needed to start building, what it takes to distribute applications, and how money can be made. If you are already a developer that knows how to code in Java, C#, Objective-C, Visual Basic, or another lower-level language, then this online camp is for you.

Join us for this special three-hour interactive event, where our speakers will be holding live demos and answering questions in real-time. Topics to be covered include:

    Building a Windows 8 App in 15 minutes or less
    Where is Microsoft headed, how it differs from others (Apple/Google), and why it makes sense
    Win8 Development versus Android, iOS, and Pre-Win8 Dev
    Understanding the potential to Make Money With Windows 8
    What help is available? (There are some very good, free help and tools available)

Application Development eSeminar
Windows 8 for Developers Online Camp
May 21, 2013

Joseph Mayo
Independent Consultant – Mayo Software Consulting, Inc.

Greg Levenhagen
Senior Software Engineer – Skyline Technologies

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