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Managing Identity and Access BYOD World

Network Security eSeminar
Who are You? Managing Identity and Access
in a Socially Connected BYOD World
May 16, 2013

For all the bottom-line benefits of BYOD and the consumerization of IT, the challenges of managing identify and access for the explosion of devices – and their users – has been a great one. How can you tame the identity beast while keeping users, clients and partners safely connected – and keeping the bad guys out?

Join this timely eSeminar sponsored by CDW to learn about the latest methodologies and best practices to create and automatically enforce 21st century identity and access polices that give you visibility into what's happening on your network now, and tools to ensure only trusted devices and users have access to sensitive data.
  • Where today's identity and access threats are coming from
  • Methods for managing and monitoring guests on the wired or wireless network
  • Whether "non-user" devices like cameras and sensors are safe or being "spoofed"

Shiloh Jackson
Solutions Architect – CDW

Michael Krieger
VP, Market Experts Group – Ziff Davis Enterprise

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