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Wireless Infrastructure Plans for 2013 and Beyond

Networking eSeminar
Stopping Wireless Infrastructure Pains Before They Begin: Strategies for 2013 and Beyond
Enterprise networks have evolved rapidly thanks to increasing bandwidth, convergence of wired and wireless solutions, mobility, Cloud and the constantly growing number of devices that users want to connect to your network.

Since the lion's share of this growth is occurring by wireless devices the strain on Wireless Infrastructure is being felt by virtually every company, large and small.

With no sign of this growth abating, even simple security measures for wireless infrastructure may now be at risk. What can you do to ensure you're ready to handle what's coming next year – and prepare for the next decade? Attendees of this eSeminar will learn:
  • How unified access to wired and wireless networks will deliver new levels of agility, scale and manageability
  • What's happening with development of the latest wifi standard 802.11 ac
  • What to do today to prepare for the impending changes that unified access and wireless analytics will bring to your enterprise

Martin Jerome
CDW Solution Architect

Michael Krieger
Moderator – Quinstreet

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